Chido Just Reminiscing Zvake

eating pussy

Eish, sometimes ndikafunga madyiirwo andaiitwa beche na Sam, I just get all wet  instantly!  Askana ka, Sam aigona kutambisa rurimi rwake. It felt as if it was a battery powered tongue. The man could flick his tongue like tomorrow wasn’t coming.  Added to that, he could prolong foreplay for what seemed like HOURS!  Aindidya beche rangu from morning to noon, and ndichinanzvwa from head to toe.  When most people say the phrase “head to toe”, they really mean tits, pussy, and if you’re very, very, very lucky, ikoko kumhata! Asi for Sam, it meant licking the soles of tsoka dzangu, between my toes, even muhapwa, the back of my knees, kumagaro and even licking kumhata kwangu was a regular thingi. Aaah, iwe, there was no such thing as “no go area” for Sam. It sounds off putting now kana uchiverenga but in the heat of the moment, zvinenge zvichinaka…ende zvinotonaka! That’s what I loved about him. Akanga asingaseme anything. His wet tongue would be all up in my pussy, on my clit, around my clit, all around the walls, all over the aiita ma slurping noises..and that drove me wild with excitement. It freaking turned me on!!!!!! I’d cum in his mouth, on his face, on his forehead, on his cheeks asi airamba achidya beche rangu chete! How many men do that, especially ivo vedu vechi Zimbabwean?  Gosh, i loved how Sam got me really wet AND and I loved how he used to give me a spit shine

After intensive pussy licking, aibva aisa my legs over his shoulders in frozen chicken position obva atanga kurova-rova my already wet pussy with his fat cock. His cock wasn’t long but it was fat and short..and i mean it was fat!  He’d pull foresking yake back achi exposer zimusoro remboro yake, rakaita kunge mushroom apo rakatota ne pre-cum. Sometimes it’d drip ne pre-cum. Eish, just one sight of that fat cock used to make me quiver and my thighs would start trembling. The brother knew how to get me wet. I’d be dripping wet zvekuti you could actually see my love juices slowly oozing out of my pussy. The way he used to run his cock all over my pussy, making tiny circles achiita ‘mix up’ my love juices with with his pre-cum. I also loved the way he teased me nayo.  Apinza just the tip of the head mumatinji angu,  then slightly push it further forward mubeche rangu and then my eyes would just roll nekunakirwa. I’d sorta pause breathing in anticipation, ndakamiririra kuti ipinzwe. It hurt almost all the time paiipinza but i LOVED that pain. Ialways wanted him to fuck me hard, and punish me with his fat cock. The way he teased me made me want him in me ipapo so so ndaibata magaro ake and then pull him forward, essentially making him ram his thick cock into me. Iwe ka, ndaibva nda screamer or even kutotanga kuridza mhere. Zvairwadza, but like I said, I loved kakurwadza kacho. I wouldn’t let go of his tight ass. Ndairamba ndakabatirira and really pulling him into me and order him to fuck the shit out of me. Iye aibva atanga sliding it in and out of me slowly, achinyatso builder ka steady rhythm..rather a steady pounding rhythm. The look on his face manje used to kill me. Ainge akafinyamisa face yake achi breather heavily. Eish, it was such a huge turn on!

His cock pretty much filled up my pussy. I’d feel beche rangu raka gripper mboro yake and uchinzwa yakazara mukati. Akanga ane mazichende mahombe, akafuta and akarembera achirova magaro angu. I’d reach out and grab hold of them..and aibva aita fill up my palm! Iwe ka! Plus he also had mazichoya and i loved the way they just rubbed up my pussy and clit. Gosh! He was just sexy. Sex on legs. I loved the way he took fucking me serious. He’d ask me how I was feeling, and if I wanted it faster, slower, shallow strokes or deep strokes…

Oh, when it came to cumming,.. i loved how he’d roar, grunt, moan and pull me closer to him achindipa french kiss..achigwina-gwina. Then he’d pull out his cock and literally just irrigate all over my pussy… Aindidiridza!




Adina Shebeen!


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