IMPORTANT TIP__on orgasm

sdd facial exp

Dear Gents..

When you’re tundaring, don’t just toond with a straight face. Itawo ma expression so that when your woman looks at you, she’ll see for herself kuti dhedhi vanakirwa. Do all the expressions, finyamisa face yako, vhura muromo, breathe heavily.. Make noise, moan and groan, pull the bed sheets.. DO SOMETHING!!

If you just remain quiet, still and stiff, your woman won’t know what to do. The session will most likely be dull. Making noise is a very good way of letting your woman know kuti you are enjoying her pussy AND that you are really into it. Besides, women enjoy men who make noise..

Ini ndonyatsoita noise including ye fake. Mukandiona ndichitunda, ndinenge ndichiita kunge gonzo rakandwa mumoto…

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea, try practising in front of your mirror first..try all the expressions. Kana zvaramba, eat a lemon and see what you look like.. Fine tune your expressions my brothers…




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