*TIP OF THE DAY and beyond*

Vakadzi need to know kuti us men do ENJOY being touched too. It’s not all about diving for mboro yangu or machende angu and then telling me kuti let’s fuck. No, take your time neni.

– Rub my back..
– massage me..
– kiss my neck..
– lick my neck..
– kiss me zviri gentle..
– rub my chest..
– bata-bata, suck and pinch my nipples..
– rub my inner thighs..
– rub my thighs..
– rub and squeeze my butt..
– touch my biceps and rub them..
– nibble on nzeve dzangu..
– spank me lightly..
– kiss me..
– tell me sweet nothings..
– tell me i’m the best guy out there and you’re couldn’t live without me..
– talk to me throughout..
– play some soft music..
– and then fuck me….
 If you just rush for my dick, i’ll instantly want to jam it in you and start fucking.. 



Sugar Dick Dupree

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