Introducing The Penis/Cock Ring with a Clit Stimulator..

sdd toy 1

This is probably the best MALE sex toy out there.

Honestly speaking, I do not know of a better sex toy. If I were to buy a sex toy, this would be it. We all know that us, black men in general..let alone Zimbabwean men, do not like using sex toys but this one here is worth a try. I don’t think you should be embarrassed about buying this one..

Adina Shebeen: So, just what does that thing do, Mr Dupree?
Sugar Dick Dupree:  Well, dear, it’s a vibrating cock ring!

AS: Huh?
SDD: it’s a man’s sex toy.

AS: What’s a man supposed to do with that? What does it do? I thought men didn’t need sex toys..How does it work?
SDD: Well, he wears the cock ring, turns it on (or keeps it off) and the ring starts vibrating. The ring is designed to delay ejaculation and maintain an erection.

sdd xxx

AS: Interesting..What’s that bit at the top that looks like rabbit ears?
SDD: That’s where all the magic happens, Adina. It’s is a clit stimulator. It hits her clit as you thrust in her. You can turn it upside down and it will instantly tickle her exhaust. It works like magic and it’ll tickle her till the cows come home.

AS: Will my man like it? I just don’t want to knock his confidence..
SDD: Well, it depends with your man. If he’s Zimbabwean then expect some sort of reluctance but I reckon most guys wouldn’t mind this one. It’s not like one of those massive sex toys that scare the living crap out of us men. This one is small therefore it will not be viewed as competition..if you know what I mean…

AS: No, I don’t know what you mean but I get the drift anyway. Thanks Dupree.. You’re a sexy guy.
SDD:  thanks. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You’re a sexy chick too.

both laugh out loud…



Sugar Dick Dupree!

11 thoughts on “SEX TOY OF THE DAY!

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  2. I love that we have some entity to spice out the bedroom life,hope you guys have a lot oe toys.was wondering where you located so i could do some shoping.
    Thanks lots…..

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