Fantasies Of A Bored Borrowdale Housewife

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Title: Fantasies Of A Bored Zimbabwean Housewife.
Publishers: Svirorist!

Do not reprint without obtaining prior permission from the publishers. Copyright protected. All Rights Reserved. 2013.
“Heyy Sugar, what’s up. I’ll get straight to the point. As you know, I’m a big woman and being a big woman, I have BIG fantasies! Sugar, I want to get fucked by THREE MEN!! Me and them, in my bedroom, them fucking the shit of me.. all holes, no holds barred.  Why not? I know I’m a married woman but am I not entitled to having fantasies? Everybody has them and I bet my own husband fantasises about fucking Halle Berry or even Mai Mujuru! Who knows? That said, I do love my husband and I have no intentions of cheating on him..

The guys should be dark, tall and built like trucks..bodies like warriors. They must have big chests, broad shoulders and six packs. Oh did i mention, I’ve never had a fat dick in my life so they MUST have juicy short fat dicks..with veins.

This should be the scenario..

– I’m in my shower singing stupid songs that all bored and sexually frustrated housewives from Borrowdale sing..
– I start fooling around zvangu because the soapy slippery shower gel is making me horny and i eventually end up playing with myself.
– Unbeknown to me, three hot guys somehow drop from the nowhere straight into my bedroom..They are all naked, all very horny and looking for some action.
– Two guys make their way into the bathroom and whilst the one who remained behind, makes himself comfortable on my bed.
– The two (i’ll call them guy # 1 & guy # 2) stand right by the shower door and start looking at me..whilst jerking off their fat cocks.
– the sight of them looking at me and admiring my body gets me aroused and i start playing with my pussy..
– guy # 1 walks in and stands behind me..looking at my body up and down whilst gently stroking his cock. I look at it and the thing is ALIVE , rock hard with thick veins protruding..
– he moves forward a bit and starts kissing my neck. He then moves a little closer and puts his fat cock right between my legs..and starts making slow thrusts.
– its so juicy and warm and i love how it feels as the shaft rubs my pussy.
– i look down and catch a glimpse of his cock’s head appearing and disappearing as he thrusts in and out between my legs.. Each time the tip of his cock popped out, there was more pre-cum than before..infact all his cock’s head is drowned in pre- cum.
– the warmth of that fat cock gets my pussy all throbbing and pulsating. At this point my head’s spinning and my pussy is getting really wet.
– He starts playing with my nipples ..pulling and pinching them. He cups my breasts and gently squeezes them.
– he then starts softly kissing my neck..and nibbles it..kakurumwa kacho kainakidzira.
– he switches off the shower tap and continues to touch & kiss me.. whilst his dick is still between my legs.
– guy # 2 walks in, still playing with his fat cock, and stands in front of me. He moves closer and I reach for chi mboro chake and start playing with it. I pull him towards me and he instantly sticks his tongue down my throat..
– we french kiss for what seemed to be a long time.
– guy # 1 then places zi mboro rake on my back..nechepamusoro pemagaro angu and starts rubbing my back.. I could feel it’s weight and warmth as he pressed his warm muscular body against mine..
– I feel his warm dick head teasing my exhaust.
– I then guide guy #2’s cock onto my pussy and start rubbing musoro wechimboro chake up & down my pussy..
– then he forcefully shoves his hot thick cock deep and fast in my pussy.
– i don’t scream.
– he starts fucking me whilst squeezing my breasts and nipples.
– he then lifts me up and bangs me whilst im in mid air.
– Im still not making noise but at this point my pussy is drenched..I’m so horny I don’t even know what’s going on.  All I know is I’m in for the biggest ever fucking.
– guy # 1 is still behind me and starts playing with my exhaust with his fingers.
– he put his cock on my exhaust and starts rubbing it around. His warm cock feels so good there that it makes me cum.
– he then decides to shove mboro yake up my exhaust.
Fantasies Of A Bored Borrowdale Housewife
– My gosh, it feels fucking great.
– guy number three moves closer to us and starts stroking his thick short cock. His meat looks mega juicy with all his love juices dripping out.
– guy# 2 start pounds me mercilessly!!
– I start screaming and this turns on guy # 1.
– he starts pounding me too..
-They fuck the shit out of me ndiri sandwiched kudaro.  They shake me like a leaf and my boobs are flapping all over the place!
– I’m cumming so much zvekuti I don’t even know which hole is responsible for all the orgasms.
– guy # 2 pulls his out chimboro chake ..some squirt trickles out of my pussy..he looks at guy #3 and tells him “take over”.
– I still have one cock in my ass..and still in mid air AND with my legs wide open waiting for guy # 3. I’m looking at his thick cock and thinking that will definitely stretch me out..Infact, I’m already cumming before he slides it in my wet cunt..
– when he slides it in, he does it real fast. It hurts but I want him to hurt my pussy.
– I scream “fuck me..fuck me!!”
– He does not hesitate and quickly gets into gear. boy, he rams it up me.
– guy # 1 is still relentlessly pounding my asshole and I can hear him moan and groan really loud. This drives me crazy and I literally start screaming the house down.
– guy # 2 sits down and starts stroking his cock whilst looking at me. I want to badly suck some dick so I tell the other guys to walk over and sit next to guy # 2.
– the guys don’t put me down..they walk-fuck me to guy #2. I’m still in mid air AND can still have their two thick cocks in me.
– we sit next to guy # 2, he grabs hold of my hair, shoves his cock down my throat  and starts fucking my face..
– Now I have three dicks ravaging all my holes. One in my ass, one in my wet pussy and one in my mouth. Boy, they ravage the crap out of me. Their hands are all over me and the pleasure is unimaginable.
– I cum multiple times.. orgasm after orgam..
– I’m stretched out everywhere…….and i’m loving it.




Sugar Dick Dupree!

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