Men have feelings too


Svirostess Diary

Dear Ladies,
No one ever wants to fall victim of a self certified player It isn’t a game to fall
hard for a guy and then find out that he is dating ten other ladies or the whole compound arikufusha vasikana.
Giving them all the same presents bought from Edagars says the same sweet words to all ten and same attention that he was giving you. Now, if you’ve never been in this situation before,I gather you don’t know how much it hurts.

A few lady players are around masquerading as real women izvo zviri zvimbodza zvevaskana …Now,
at first I was all like “Yeah! Women Feminism and shit but it’s wrong. I
will never support consciously not caring about someone’s
emotions when you’re aware of how much they actually care about you.

So Adina says hey ladies the fact that a few misguided brothers did it and got away with it does not mean it’s right .

If you have no probability on actually being close with someone
that you know REALLY cares , don’t touch him. Don’t kiss
him, don’t fondle him, don’t rub his butt, don’t touch him! If you
have a good idea that someone is falling hard for you but you aren’t
on the same emotional level, don’t get intimate with that person.

Stop expecting him to wine and dine you. Buy you three piecers with his hard earned cash or hard borrowed money This is a HUGE one.
I’ve known girls to only date guys for material gains food presents money
Yeas a man in love is a fool but God will punish you for abiding his trust
think about it. What if it were the other way around? It’s one thing
if you’re actually interested in the guy, and he wants to take you
out and do something nice for you. It’s totally different when you
have no intentions on being with this person but he keeps buying
gifts, food, and dollars . You accept these gifts with no intention on
being with this person. Not cool, dearies.

Sometimes, you aren’t sure how you feel about a guy in the
beginning. This is completely fine…if you express to that to the
guy. Don’t allow the first two things i’ve mentioned to take place,sex and spending…,
until you are sure about your feelings towards this person.

The reason why I am addressing this matter to begin with is, I am
friends with lots of great guys. I hear their tales of woe …of this girl that took him to Pornellos Shoes and he parted with a fortune and he was dumped two days later …..or my other friend Gary blew his fortune on this girl Trish only to be dumped when the funds ran low
If these negative stories continue to happen it will turn
great guys into the guys that we’ve all grown to dislike. The
players, the douchebags’, the twisted whatever the case may be.
If women, don’t like bad treatment we need to also do our

Well I ain’t saying don’t go on dates and have fun. I’m saying
Declare your position and don’t take advantage of someone who loves you what goes around comes around and karma is a reality and hell she strikes like a bad bitch
it has happened over and over again. You will get hurt in
the end if you keep touching the lions tail. It’s the ugly truth but the
truth we all need to know in order to love one another .
Kana usingamude usade mari yake .

Now be the good girls that I know you are .Adina loves you all.


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