Guys, don’t just whip your dick out of her pussy as soon as you finish ejaculating.. Parker ma steady.

Leave it in there for a couple of minutes, give her little nibbles here and there, rest on top of her, hug her, hold her, kiss her neck, talk to her etc etc..

It’s a lot like football. Imagine when the final whistle goes off and all the players quickly run off the field vakananga ku changing room zvekuti within 5 seconds, pitch yese inenge yato empty. There’s really nothing wrong there but the end would have been so abrupt zvekuti you’re left feeling as if it was all over too quickly..

It’s exactly the same feeling your woman gets when you whip it out and then head off to the bathroom too early.

Like i said, parker ma steady and take your time.

Don’t just end the session zviri
abrupt.. Take your time, unenge uchimhanyirepi, especially kana wakapfeka condom?



Sugar Dick Dupree!

Tip Of The Day__afterglow

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