cowgirl holding on SDD

Whenever she’s on top of you in cow girl position, make sure you grab her butt zviri firm. Always make sure kuti your fingers are well spaced out so that you’ll have a large area of each butt cheek covered.

Do not forget spread her arse cheeks apart so that exhaust yake is all exposed. Most girls enjoy that. If you’re one of them nasty individuals, you can just place your finger on her exhaust waka press-er zvine kamwe ka pressure. That’ll drive her wild.

sdd 111

Another important thing, always en sure kuti your legs are spread wide apart. It feels better for Both of you that way.





One thought on “TIP_cowgirl

  1. Unoitasei kuti usakurumidze kutunda?nekuti ini ndikangotanga kubata bata mumwe wangu ndobva ndato tunda yobva yatorara zvayo ndozo sara kupinza isisina kunyatsomira.please reply on my email,hide id.



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