So, Memory is newly married to her lovely husband Tendai & is a few months pregnant expecting ma twins, and obviously varikusvirana nyoro. Well, we
shouldn’t be surprised because after all, murume wake Tendai however has a small house on the side, Nyasha, and
varikutosvirana nyoro because he reckons she’s decent, besides nyoro yagara ichinaka..and anyway she is the only person other than his wife he’s
fucking. So he tells himself he is ‘most bhoo’ because its only two women..and he trusts them both. Asi Nyasha, just like most small houses, has her high school boyfriend pa side, Munashe, who
means the world to her and she loves doing it nyoro with him because that’s the man she desperately wants to get
married to. She tells herself she is safe because she only has two men, Tendai, a decent married man and Munashe. But Munashe ane bhebhi raimbosvirwa ne this other guy aihura stereki
anonzi Givhi, called Alice.. He’s truly in love with Alice BIG TIME and he is even considering marrying her, PLUS varikusvirana nyoro.. because to him Alice is faithful so he tells himself its
only two chicks he is fucking saka he’s bhoo. Alice on the other hand, really isn’t into him. Actually, she doesn’t want to get tied down. Guys want her and she loves the attention. She gets
chatted up EVERYTIME she walks out of the house. She’s young, pretty, has firm tits, outgoing and yes, anoda zvekusvirwa. She loves dick! She has a few wealthy sugar daddies she’s seeing and they all demand unprotected sex
so she has to give them nyoro to keep them interested in her…..

Do you see where this is going?
Everyone thinks they’re safe when in actual fact, everyone is unsafe and at risk of catching a nasty disease.
HIV/AIDS is real!!

Stay safe and take care of yourself..




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