Stroke His Manhood


Princess Diana was well WOW !!
Gloriously..beautiful …adorable …captivating …sexy …classy..charming ,,,,?
But wait a minute …
She failed to make Prince Charles happy failed to catch him and keep him ..
She lost to Camilla
Picture Camilla a round circle in a square peg a very ugly shapeless woman (ouch )…she won the man she captured him and kept him even the Queen had to contend with it…
People can argue back and forth about the whys and wherefores….but if Diana knew enough about how to capture a man… How to cajole him …seduction …being lovable …and obeying Camilla would have been history but that’s all history now …

The art of seduction is in whatu do and say not how yu look or dress
It’s in your eyes ..
It’s in the way u look at him with respect …and the way you want him
It’s in the way u look in his eyes and say I need you..
It’s in saying I am a woman and I need you to complete me …it’s in the way you serve Sadza to him and make him taste meat in a plate with vegetables only .
Shuwa maplates akakandwa on the table and the Sadza and chicken looks like Chicken Inn Stuff ___all the man tastes is how the food was served.
It’s in the way you touch him
It’s in the way you make him believe he is invincible and that he was lucky to find you .
In every man there is a little boy who wants to know that he is better than all the other boys .Men are competitive by nature and it’s in a woman’s power to bring out the spring in his step.

It’s only his woman who can make him feel good or bad about himself and believe me if you tell him uri “Rombe” bit by bit he starts feeling like a proper Rombe.
But make him feel good and he will believe ;-
That he can touch the sky
That he can fly without wings
That he is the Worlds fucking champion..
It’s in the way you believe in him .

Stroke his ego

Everyone knows women love compliments. They aren’t the only ones. He may not want to hear that he’s the champion but compliment him on the way he waters the garden or provides the family money …..Listen to what he says to you. Tell him when you think something is smart. Is he a sportsman ?Tell him what you like about the way he plays. He’ll tune in to you when he knows you see him for what he is.

King James Bible
“”And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.””

How does he even start calling you flesh of my flesh when you don’t even want him when you quarrel with him and ridicule him …?he will only call you bone of my bone when you love and respect him and honour him when you blend into him and two become one …
Loving him unconditionally giving in to his every desire and wish …
Build him up with praises
Be the face that makes him smile and makes all his worries go away …

Thingi dingo ..…… (Penis)yake is not the biggest and his sviring skills are not like Beckhams..He may not have the same size as Mandingo or same skill as Lexx Steele and he may not quite take you to where Mr Expired took you but so what ??(the ex boyfriend )
They are all not with you now and he is …girl …….the one on top of you and with you …..

Give him some credit ….Moan a bit ,too much ,,,,,,,,exaggerate a bit ,,,,,grab his buttocks .,,,,,push him down …..shout his name
Kiss him and …do you know what will happen ???before you know it …
He will make an effort to please you and really break his back …..He will become world sviring champion ~~unopihwa love yemusoja…!!
When he is really trying his best and his best is dismally bad .. yes …dofo yesviro the last thing he wants is discouragement or be told how small he is .Do you honestly think he doesn’t know he is small?he does and he can’t change it.

A little encouragement goes a long way …!Stroke his ego enjoy him
Just try saying stuff like ….”I love it when you ….touch me there or like this …..harder or softer ..that’s great ……I love you

And if you really think size matters to you carry a ruler when you go on dates and measure every date you meet before commiting to destroy ego dzevana vevanhu……….sick and tired of handigute nekuti anediki rubbish … …,,nxa nxa ndatsamwa!!!
Get the big one if that’s what you want .
Maybe ndiwe une mugomo.

Murume wechiZimbabwean ndibaba from a little boy anongonzi baba…
Ever heard”maita baba vangu …garai apa baba vangu …
Now he is thirty meets you the njapisi and you dare disrespect him dare call him all unprintables iweka …..kwana
Murume anonyengetedzwa …. anodiwa….anorespectiwa
Kwete kutukwa
If he is a woman basher he is gonna beat the bitch out of you and rightly so…
If he ain’t and is a Pastor he will bury his problems elsewhere well …..enter small house ….this is what promotes small houses ….
Disrespect is what makes Pastors get whores
Well picture this boy from a good family who has always been told one day you will be a @”man “marries this bitch who always yaps at him no respect at all .
Then he meets @ Adina ##
Respectful ;;;wink
That’s the end of the madam …!

Anyway my point is a man needs a woman who treats him as head
He wants respect and respect is being respected just because he is a man
Because he married you
Being respected because he chose you
Being respected well because God said so …he is the head of the house
….##nuff said ##

………….,Adina #

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