Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
Venue: At my friend DT’s house warming party.

So, there we were mu bathroom, #SugarDickDupree and I. He had no shirt on because I had accidentally dropped some coke on him saka he went to the bathroom to wash the coke off the shirt. I followed after him to help him because i thought it was the right thing to do, after all it was my fault. So, in the bathroom, he
had his back to me. Mai kani, his dark well toned back looked sexy! His back had all the bumps in the right places complimented by broad shoulders and smooth glowing skin. I remember wishing my own fat excuse of a boyfriend Munyaradzi had a back like that. Ai mhani, i was drooling. I felt like ripping my bra off and pressing my breasts on his back, and then raping him! Yaah, why not?! I swear down, if we were alone I’d have done just that without hesitation. The longer i stared at his back, the more i wanted
to make a move and the more I entertained that thought, the hornier I got.

So I thought no mhani, it’s now or never, i had to make a move. His girlfriend Tarisai was busy cooking mu kitchen and my Munyaradzi was busy talking about football with the other guys. I inched towards Sugar whilst unbuttoning my blouse.

When i got to him, i ran my hands up & down his back and spine. He didn’t do anything so to me, that was all i needed. It was a signal yekuti all was well and i felt like he had given me the green light to do as i pleased. And for sure, i intended to do as i pleased.

I undid his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Oh my gosh, do i need to talk about his smooth muscular butt?? It was tight, hard and i couldn’t stop rubbing it. I can’t even begin to explain to you how smooth his butt was. You just have to touch it to understand me. I found myself going down on my knees whilst kissing that butt. I actually licked my way down to his butt and when i got to his thighs, i was greeted by two massive balls! The way they just hung low…eish! These were real balls. Machende chaiwo!! Without hesitation, i instantly buried my face in his butt, opened my mouth and started sucking machende aye. Don’t ask me where my nose was…

He lifted his leg, swivelled it over my head and turned around. Now, i was face to face with mazichende aye and a big rock hard cock!! Gosh, my hand went straight down into my pants and instantly started playing with my pussy. I remember i actually pushed him back a bit, threw my head back and just stared at his dark package for a few seconds. I had never seen a proper juicey cock in real life. It was dark, long, thick and with a big head! I pulled that meaty thing towards me, held it and started sniffing it.. Gosh, it smelled good!! He then held it and started stroking it. Eish, It was such a turn on!! As he stroked it, i laid on my back on the bathroom floor, pulled my skirt off, pulled my thong to the side and then started playing with my clit. He was looking at my pussy as he stroked zimboro riya. I spread apart my pussy lips to expose my ‘pinkness’ and this seemed to drive him wilder. He dropped to his knees and started stroking his dark cock really fast. Some of his pre-cum was flying all over the place…

At this point, ini i had two fingers in my pussy vigorously finger fucking myself. Seeing a man wanking in front of me was like a fantasy come true. I held his big balls and i told him i wanted him to cum all over. Not before long, his eyes were rolling and his body was ‘jerking’. He was moaning zviri quiet loud and then he splattered cum all over my pussy, tummy, breasts and neck. His cum pretty much shot out of his dick and made a mess of beche rangu. I was on cloud nine. I rubbed the cum all over my tummy, breasts and pussy. I was SOO turned on zvekuti I was close to cumming. He must have sensed it because the next thing i felt was his meaty cock sliding in my wet pussy. He then laid on top of me and started properly pounding me into the floor. It was fast, hard and i could feel zimboro rake up in my tummy. I held onto his butt really tight, tightly wrapped my legs around him and violently came on his dick. It was an intense cumming and my whole body was shaking. I looked into his eyes and saw them rolling ndikaziva kuti he had cum in my pussy. I could feel his cum dripping in me..

A few minutes later, we quickly got up, cleaned up, kissed like crazy and headed out of the bathroom ku party.

We are planning a weekend away from our partners and i told him not to bring any condoms!




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