Happy couples talk about ….?

Every one seems to believe that there is Nothing like a happy marriage or happy affair …well I’m gonna disappoint u sweetie ~~there are happy couples out there.If you ever wondered what makes certain couples so unique and special, you must know that actually there are a few important things happy couples do that other people think are not that important .

They work hard to make it work despite the challenges they may face.
They stay commited no matter what .
They forgive each other and compromise their wants for their needs and for the good of the relationship.

Happy couples put meaningful meaning to an otherwise boring monotonous and routine world …they create laughter from strife ” Well, among the perks of being in a meaningful relationship is the fact that you’re able to discuss with your partner all kinds of things that you avoided during your early stages of dating. So, here are some of the most important things happy couples talk about:

Generally, people tend to avoid certain things you must know that among the most important things happy couples talk about are weaknesses and strengths.This way, you’ll both share a good laugh and you will also see each other in your most vulnerable state.
You should be able to talk with your significant half about things that scare you
Things that you like and things that you dislike..

3.Growing Up
Whether we are products of nature or nurture…childhood development is of importance because that important stage in everyone’s life has had such a huge impact on our character and personality traits.
Happy couples do talk about their ambitions their outlook on life
Your partner can only support you if they know what you want to do .
They may lay off their plans or delay until you are well on your way or done.
5. Finances
Okay, maybe it’s not quite appropriate to talk about finances with someone who you’ve only dated for a few weeks, but things change when that person is your significant other.
Please be married financially most successful businessmen will tell you their wives do the finances .
6. Beliefs
Be they political or religious ;-
these are usually two of the most sensitive topics of conversation You don’t have to agree with each other all the time,but support each other .
On religion personally i feel you shud be married in your beliefs to avoid unnecessary conflicts .
By talking with your partner about current events, you’ll be able to find out more than you would manage on your own.
Making your partner your friend works in your favour in so many ways .
Yes they talk about sex
About how they want it ?
How long it should be ?
What styles ?
Exactly how far to go what to do and what not to do ..!!?

Happy couples look together in the same direction.

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