Adina Shebeen
Svirorist Publishers 2013

I’ve been accused of thinking too much, and it’s probably true, I’m not one to react hastily, kunge mboro inokaruka yamira …I prefer to understand the problem and then choose the best alternative if there isn’t a solution. As an engineer, almost every course of action involves ‘on the one hand…but on the other”. For instance on the one hand I always choose good sex over good looks but on the other hand I want the finer things in life …Gucci..Prada …Louis Vuitton …Jimmy Choo …Rolls Royce…The Hilton Hotel …Sheraton Hotel …etc

So yeah whilst I appreciate mboro inosvira zvinonakidza ndoda kunhuwirirawo so perfume inodhura ndoidawo Hermes 24 Farboug. …..Jean Patouat $800 for a bottle of 50ml
Ndakachena kunge nyoka..!
Problem is money and sex never mix murume anogona kusvira haana mari ane mari haagone kusvira or ane kamboro Kadiki diki…don’t know why.

My quick sex cv
Lemme introduce my sex history .
My virginity was donated at 14 and I have never missed it ..
I realised quite early in life 2 things about my sexuality: I love sex and 2) I’m really fucking good at it. I’ve always been very independent very adventurous and figured that my openness, coupled with my age and seemingly “exotic” ethnicity, would serve as the perfect foundation for being a sex object .Men love my ivory skin…

I love older men, 10, 20, 30 years older than me. I have always loved their financial independence and sexual freedom and their desire to please me in all ways known .In my teens I met an unbelievably wealthy man in his late forties and had the most torrid and sexually exciting relationship of my life. He had fallen so heavily in love and lust with me that he had bought anything money could buy for me …He worshipped the ground I walked on men in their last days are bewitched by young beautiful women.However for life I would want a younger man.currently … I am dating a man two years older than me.The sex is out of this world But I am missing my Sugar Daddy Delights the cash, cars, holidays and all little girly fantasies I need to find one faster faster here in Harare and he’ll be the happiest man alive with me, I know how to perform his darkest wishes and fantasies.

I placed an ad online,last Sunday Caption ..Very Liquid –Sugar Daddy Wanted !Opened my inbox today you won’t believe it vanhu vanoda zvinhu kunge toilet …kkkkk …..2000 e-mails in just seven days I have selected 10 hot favourites.ten dirty old men kkkkk seka hako They are 45,47 ,48,50,52 ,54 ,55, 57 ,60 and 62years old. I think I will keep the last five only. the older the more demented the more money they throw about .They are all very stinking rich men, CEOs of financial companies.They want a young woman for kinky sex, and in exchange I get dollars, plus shopping trips, first class airplane tickets, limo with driver, and lots of traveling all over the world. One even owns several private apartments and well I might get one I’m so happy. I’m treated like a queen, anything Adina wants Adina gets and even bonuses. I think This is It .


Just to answer to some of the comments and questions people have ,,,,I’d like to say that this is neither wrong nor unothodox remember King Solomon in the Bible and his concubines??. Yes yes this has been done since time immemorial rich men deserve playthings sexual toys and women like Adina are willing to sacrifice their sweet flawless bodies in return for the good life.
Call it what you want sweetie but do not judge…..or you know what will happen to you ..

..I’m attached to a high ranked executive in the financial industry, I have a graduate degree and have worked for several well-known institutions myself. I go out with older guys because they have fewer hang ups and it’s really exciting to me besides the financial and material benefits .My boyfriend does not know what I do or he would kill me .Now, chisikana …..who doesn’t like to travel first class? Or to dine and wine at exclusive top notch places ?Or to be pampered and spoiled? We all do, and I’m not an exception. I’m absolutely in love with my bf and he’s just wonderful to me, but there is something inside of me, that get the thrills by seeing other men outside the relationship.All these guys just want to have fun with a beautiful, sexy, young woman like me. They have enough money to spoil ten of us and wife at home is demented and is well catered for .I have lots of fun too. So we are not hurting anybody, we are all adults.

I have had sugar daddies since my teens. I love kinky sex and older guys they are always experienced, full of ideas and open to let me experiment. Sex is great, being treated like a Queen is wonderful and to feel wanted by everyone around me is something I love…..believe it or not, there are so many guys who want to be sugar daddies, way more than one may imagine . They are willing to pay for everything you wish, they just want to be with a beautiful woman and have great sex. Is there anything wrong in that exchange? Ndezvako izvo….I’m having a heck of a time.

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    definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you happen to aren’t already.

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