Ladies: Chimbosvirwa Mazamu Nhasi

LADIES! Tonight, you should let your man fuck your boobs as part of foreplay..or if you want to get him off..

– Mugarise pa chair…preferably couch
Chimbosvirwa Mazamu
– Remove all his clothes.
– iwewe just unbutton your top a bit just to show a bit of your breasts.
– take a cushion woisa pa floor kuitira your knees.

sdd tattoo

– kiss him. Muname nayo french kiss…tongue to tongue action.
– start kissing him all over his chest.
– lick his nipples and suck on them..
– pinch his nipples..
– run your hands all over his chest, six pack and dick.
– massage his balls.
– unbutton your top. In fact, remove everything on you.
– pour some oil all over his chest and start sliding your boobs up and down his body...that’s if you’ve got some oil..even if you haven’t got any, just slide your boobs up and down his body.
– Smother his face with your boobs.
– slowly work your way down back to his dick.
– hold his dick by it’s base and start spanking your nipples and boobs with it.
– start licking it.
– make it wet..
– place it in between your boobs
– and squeeze them.
– start fucking your boobs with his dick.
– add lots of oil to make things more slippery and wet.
– if he hasn’t got a problem with you spitting on his dick for extra lubricant.., SPIT on his dick..
– squeeze pre-cum out of his dick and rub it all over your nipples.
–  put it under your breasts and press it.
– etc etc etc

After this, you can do anything that comes to mind..fuck him or let him cum on your tits…

This really is just visual stimulation for him. He’ll enjoy it.




Sugar Dick Dupree

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