STORORO _by a Fan

we do not own this
story. It was emailed to us on Facebook by a South African fan, and according to her, this IS a true story.

Author: *******
Publisher: Svirorist!

To Sugar/Adina. this is my story

Last week my husband, Thato, organized a trip to Durban, for me, my friend Thabiso and her husband Tshepo. Tshepo and I once had sex at their house during Thabiso’s birthday party. No one ever found out
about this. It was a closely guarded secret.Mid-way to Durban, we stopped at a garage to refresh. Thabiso, went to the ladies, whilst my husband, Thato, remained in the car, and I went to the shops to buy some drinks and light snacks..

While at the fridge taking out drinks out, I felt someone touching my big ass nicely.  When I looked back, I saw my friend’s husband, Tshepo, smiling at me, I asked him ‘what are you doing?’, he said to me, ‘don’t worry your  husband is still in the car, with my wife waiting for you’. I smiled at him and he said, he wants to have nyobing with me tonight, I said to him we’ll see what happens when we arrive in Durban.We bought whatever we were buying and went straight to the car. In the car I was in the back seat with my friend Thabiso, our husbands were in the front, with my husband being the driver. When we left home I was wearing a light skirt that goes above my knees, with my curvaceous body out in the open for everyone to envy my beautiful body. I was really attractive even my husband, Thato, was happy with the way I was.In the car, I was seating behind my husband’s seat and Thabiso was seating behind hers. This was easy for me to look at Thabiso’s husband, obviously for him to have a good view of my legs and panties when I open for him. His wife was unaware of what I was doing.

I could see Tshepo was fidgeting in the front seat but still wanting more view. My mood had changed in the car, and this caught the attention of Thabiso who asked me why am I happy like this, I said to her don’t worry am just happy the four of us are going to spend the weekend in Durban.

We arrived in Durban, we parked the car at the Hotel Parking and we started unloading our luggage. While Thabiso was busy in the car-boot with my husband assisting her, I slowly moved out of the car with my legs wide open for Tshepo to see what he has been missing, at that time he was acting as if he was talking on the phone.

We checked in before dinnertime would pass at the hotel. We had reserved two rooms. We went to our rooms to freshen up. I decided to wear a beautiful long evening dress without panties on, as the dress did not require any. My husband said to me I am so beautiful. I blushed and suna him on the cheek.

Afterwards we headed for the dinner hall, where, Thabiso and her husband Tshepo were waiting. When we entered the dinner hall, Tshepo was staring at me and I could read his mind which was saying “I want you babe, I just want you”. The problem was he could not say it as his wife was there and I was with my husband.
We sat down on the round table. I sat next to Tshepo on the left, as he was with his wife who was on his right and my husband on my left. We were eating, laughing and enjoying our food, with my mind not there but in my friend’s husband, and, I know his mind was also in me. When busy talking and eating I felt Tshepo’s hand pulling my dress up for him to feel my thighs nicely without any dress disturbing him. I acted as if there was nothing going on just laughing and looking at my friend Thabiso and my husband Thato.

My long dress was now turned to
something like a mini skirt.

My kuku was just in the open, obviously there was no one seeing it. My husband held me by his hand, playing innocently; he was unaware that his friend is opening my legs wider to play with my Big Hole. I felt his hand gently pushing my legs wider so that he can put his fingers inside my already wet Big Hole. He was playing with kuku nicely and fingering me and I lost concentration on the food, with two men working me on me like this.
We finished eating, and my husband said he wants to sleep as he was tired of driving, Thabiso also felt she needed some sleep. Now all eyes were on Tshepo, my friend’s husband and I. I said I need to feel the sea before I sleep. Tshepo opted to join me to walk in the beach. The two of us went to the beach, with one thing in our minds, to nyoba whatever it takes. While walking on the beach I could see Tshepo’s Big Willy Shaft bulging with a huge pole on his pants visible and I laughed, knowing very much well that my kuku was also wet and releasing juice,
with no panties on,

The juice was flowing down my thighs I wanted to cry for his bulging Big Willy Shaft to be inside me.I could not control myself I pulled him to me, next to the ‘Ladies’ and I suna him. His hugely bulging Big Willy Shaft was touching me. We suned and I felt his hand going up my legs inside my long dress, cried “Tshepo, Tshepo, Tshepo”.

People were passing and looking at us, we ignored them and continued, and by that time I was unzipping his trouser to release his Big Willy Shaft out.  We then moved behind the toilets for some privacy. We were moving, with me holding his Big Willy Shaft with my hand. I pushed him to the wall and lowered his trouser and underwear. I pulled my long dress up to free my legs and squatted with my Big Hole getting fresh sea breeze and started sucking his pipi.

I held his bums with my hands with his Big Willy Shaft in my mouth.His hands were holding my head to his Big Willy Shaft. I moved back and fro on him. I heard him scream, “Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Lerato, ooouuucccchhhhh!”. After releasing his juices in my mouth I stood up and suned him passionately. By that time he was opening my legs wider pulling my dress up, with no panties on, he put his Big Willy Shaft easily inside my wet and tsugetswi Big Hole, I screamed.

“Ahhhhhhhh!”. He nyoba me with my body on the wall, his hands carrying my legs and Big Willy doing in and out. I was enjoying myself. We changed positions; I held the wall with my hands. He put his hands above my hips and I opened wider for him and he easily slotted his Big Willy in my Big Hole. He was going back and forth from behind, roaring like a lion. I was really happy and crying at the same time. My friend’s husband doing it nicely on me from behind.

We came and suned with his trousers still down. I then told him we should do it tomorrow while Thato and Thabiso are swimming. By that time he was penetrating me again, with his hand holding my other leg up. He was responding to me while going up and down on me, saying “Yes, yes”.  Afterwards he put me down and came from the back. He nyoba me and wished we could do this more in the room at the hotel.

We finished and I went to the ‘ladies’ to refresh and he went to the ‘gents’ to clean up. We met outside as if nothing happened between the two of us and went to the hotel. We entered the lift and forgot to press the floors we are going to, as we started kissing and caressing again. We pressed the top floor to give ourselves ample time to enjoy
each other’s company.

We suned and suned he was, at that time fingering me in my Big Hole, and I was holding his Big Willy Shaft pulling it back and forth. We smooched one another, until we called it quits, thinking of our loved ones, his wife and my husband.

I love my husband, Thato, and I also love my friend Thabiso, but, the thought of stopping to nyoba with her husband is not what I am intending to do, not now or soon. I just love been with him, obviously his Big Willy Shaft inside.

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