Mugondorosi is a plant with edible roots found in Zimbabwe. It is widely believed to be some sort of ‘natural viagra’.. Some say it will enhance the size of the penis and instantly turn one into a ‘sex god’..

Here’s my take on the issue::
Coming from a long experience eating this root .

Trust me when i say Mugondorosi doesn’t work. It does nothing for you in any way. Do not listen to those that tell you kuti it works wonders and you will last long in bed or become the man with a willie like Mandingos…It simply isn’t true.

I used to eat Mugondo when i was a kid up until my mid teens. Infact i planted Mugondorosi at Vainona Primary School!! (along the fence..on the road that leads to Zimbank Sports Club) and i can confirm kuti it does absolutely nothing sex-wise for you.

It won’t enhance the length of your penis and neither will it give you stamina..and it certainly won’t delay ejaculation.

It’s all a myth! If it worked on you, i think it was all in your head.

It’s just a sweet root. A very delicious sweet root and it smells really good!!

Women weren’t (and still aren’t) allowed to eat it just in the same manner children aren’t allowed to eat Chikanganwa hama on a chicken..(Gizzard) …the inner part of a chicken’s stomach .

Anyway, i don’t want to drift away from my point but i reckon it really was just a strategy by our men to discourage over-harvest of Mugondorosi by women.

So, don’t waste your time looking for Mugondorosi..

Instead, focus on maintaining a good diet (lots of vegetables/nuts/fruits/little red meat etc) and keep fit in order to have a healthy sex life.Exercise and gym helps and guys read sex is evolving new styles and positions are coming up keep yourself current and updated …



Sugar Dick Dupree!


Mugondorosi__myth or Fact?

12 thoughts on “Mugondorosi__myth or Fact?

  1. I think it works to different people to me I could see the results it takes time to kick in the system that’s for sure ,but for me it works



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