When you feel orgasm approach …when you’re cumming, don’t fight it. Just relax.

What do i mean by “don’t fight it”?
– Do not stiffen up.
– Do not hold your breath.
– Do not stop fucking.
– Do not tightly shut your teeth..


– open your mouth and breathe properly..
– continue fucking (obviously slow)..
– allow your eyes to ‘roll back’..
-allow yourself to scream moan groan grunt …do what you do don’t stifle it don’t hold back ..

Trust me, if you do the above you will enjoy cumming. Fighting it doesn’t feel as good as just relaxing. When you relax, you will actually feel the ‘goodness’ flowing throughout your body..

Keyword here is: RELAX

This tip is really aimed at guys but i’m sure it applies to women too..

For the ladies: it works well particularly in missionary position.. Chingorara uri spread eagled on the bed with your arms spread out wide.. Don’t even hold onto the bed linen. Completely relax and tell your man to slow down… Trust me, you will have an intense orgasm..



Sugar Dick Dupree


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