IMAGE OF THE DAY-spice it up

courtesy of bembele.

Life is boring and mundane …things have become stale ….-mubedroom makubhowa…
Spice up things ….Play with food to enhance your foreplay experience ….
There is nothing wrong with putting a bit of whipped cream,yogurt, honey e.t.c on the dick to spice up your sex life..
Keep in mind that stuff like honey, syrup can get sticky and can be quite messy.

substances such as ice, champagne, honey chocolate and whipped cream each present the skin with exciting and different sensations.
alternating of hot and cold brings a lot of arousal to the human body ..

Syrup and honey can sweeten sex. Although messy, it can be pleasurable to drizzle these on the skin and then slowly lick your partner clean. It can encourage you to go to places on your lover’s body you may not have gone before.or sweeten the pussy or dick before licking..
It’s messy though …-!
use towels and wash up after

Ice is not technically a food, but it definitely adds a sensation all of its own. Cause shivers of delight by gliding an ice cube around breasts and nipples, down your lover’s back, between thighs, around their navel, or tap it lightly on extra sensitive spots like the clitoris. You can even put a cube in your mouth during oral sex and combine hot and cold in an especially delicious way.

Use hands to feed each other. There is something very sexy about receiving sweet little tidbits like whipped cream and fruit from the fingers of the one you love.

Play a game …..Use the mouth ….blindfold your partner and surprise them with tastes of many different foods. Try sweet, salty and maybe even sour. Not knowing what might come next makes each flavour more intense.

Fruit makes a sweet addition to sex. Cherries, strawberries, grapes, papaya, mango, peaches plums _____ cut into bite size pieces. It is good to share, sweeten a kiss or rub over each other’s bodies and lick off. You can even use frozen grapes like ice cubes.

Have fun and don’t forget to eat until you are both satisfied!




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