Pokelo Fucks Sugar Dick Dupree Whilst Erikemu Sleeps

Pokelo Fucks Sugar Dick Dupree Whilst  Erikemu Sleeps

Taken from Pokelo’s hacked email account.

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!

So, I’m peeping through the keyhole re pa bathroom door..and there he was..
– all naked..
– his six pack is on full display, nice chunky thighs that look like tree trunks, dark nipples, broad shoulders, well defined chest, a forest of pubes, massive dangling balls..and that dick! Gosh, he is built like a god!
– he’s walking around the bathroom looking for who knows what..
– I so badly want to rip off my clothes and get in now..
– I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter..
– he opens the taps to fill up the tub, pours some bubble bath and bends over to make the water bubbly..
– what a sight! What an ass! tight, muscular, dark and smooth.
– I’m still peeping..he stops, looks in the mirror and starts stroking his big cock!!
– fuck, I cant take this any more.
– I slide my hand down my pants and instantly stick two fingers far up my pussy..
OMG his cock was so huge and I couldn’t stop fantasizing how it’d feel up my pussy..
– I tell myself, “this is so wrong..my boyfriend is in the next room..”.. but you know what, if looking at his cock is wrong, then I never wanna be right!
–  he starts stroking his juicy dark cock again and this is making me lose my mind. He’s obviously horny and obviously wants some pussy. I have what he wants..and im prepared to give it to him.
– he closes the taps, jumps into the tub and I cant see him.
– he’s not making a sound.
– this is driving me insane..Shit! What is he doing? Is he still touching himself? Should I go in? Should I go away?
– I remain peeping through the keyhole hoping he’d surface but nothing.
FUCK IT! I make a decision. IM GOING IN!
– I remove my clothes, quietly opened the door and went in.
– There he was, in full glory, lying in the tub with his eyes shut, stroking his wet cock..

click on image
sdd bathi

– he then opens his eyes, sees me, jumps up out of the tub..stands in silence..looks at me.. dick still erect
– I walk to him, still with my fingers in my pussy, grabbed his dick, lifted up one leg and guided it into my pussy.
– eish, it feels fucking great!! its warm and my pussy was already wet so it easily slides in.
– I looked into his half shut eyes, held him by the back of his neck and stuck my tongue down his throat.
– he drives his cock into me, and the deeper he goes, the more it feels good.
– we kiss each other really hard and I’m close to cumming.
– he lifts me up in the air, grabs my thighs and starts banging me.
– our bodies are slapping against each other. He’s roaring and I’m screaming “fuck me! fuck me!fuck me!“..
– I don’t care who hears us.
– my nails are dug into his back and the man just bangs me. His balls are slapping against my ass..
– he bangs the shit out of me until I couldn’t scream any more.
– I cum all over his dick and it trickles down his balls and thighs..
– he tells me he’s about to cum and I scream “cum all over me“..
– I jump off him, got down on my knees..and wait for the finale.
– he strokes his dick a few times, looks into my eyes and splatters cum all over me..some went on my boobs, in my hair, on my face,.  he splattered everywhere.
– I rub it all into my breasts, face and nipples.
– I quickly stand up, wash off the rest and head back to sleeping Erikemu..
– Erikemu sorta wakes up, gives me a kiss, mumbles some shit and whispers kuti, “I heard everything..but I still love you baby”. He smiles and then says “let’s go to sleep baby, I know you are tired”…………….



Sugar Dick Dupree!

11 thoughts on “Pokelo Fucks Sugar Dick Dupree Whilst Erikemu Sleeps

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  2. I hear all this about good looking guys with six packs and I ask myself where on heavens names are because what I see around me is beer bellies and imatured stupid man with average dicks or I may not be looking hard? But still its fine becasue to be truly honest I have never meet any man who can just make me wet by just looking in his eyes and I don’t think the is. Hey thanks for your interesting stories because at least they are good for relaxation if u know what I mean. Hahaaaa


    • Yaaa.nice stories indeed.yangu inobva yamira samare..good for relaxation. Natasha its not all guys..its jus mort of the guys yuv met..yo choice..i used to date curvy women who knu nothing in bed..bt not all ladies are logs afta all..some really kno how to give it up to a brother..which one are yu Natie???haaa Zin


    • Hahaha ok so what’s the secret behind the 6 pack. Kkkkk why is my woman doesnt even mention it. Rather have 9 pack lol


  3. l agree wt u zin .most guys ae gud at sayng “hee l cn fuck bla bla” but gvn pussy in front of them yoo dnt noe Hw to use eir dicks.guys ae gud at tokng or writng rather thn action

    Liked by 1 person


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