The woman lies flat on her stomach and you, the guy, wouya from behind her.. 
You will be doing most of the work so you have to work her real good. Ukaita zviri too slow, she just might not enjoy it. You have to be in control of her.

You should slide it in and out of her in such a way yekuti you are almost sitting on the top part of her butt..kudhuze nemusana wake..
Am I making sense?  check out the image below

Hold her shoulders or her back down with both your hands with your fingers spaced out although without putting too much pressure.. Otherwise she’ll feel ‘squashed’ ..

It’s ideal for deep penetration..

Also ideal for women who enjoy having their ears licked..At least in this position you wont have to see his reaction.

If your woman is big (big thighs), then  you must spread her arse cheeks apart to have ‘undisturbed access’ and drive your dick into her.

Quite a lot of women like this one. They love feeling the warmth of your dick rubbing between her thighs as you thrust back and forth.

Ideal for anal too for vaye vanofarira kukwira ikoko ku side ten..



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