quick run down of what’s going on at my house right now.

It’s Saturday 16th of November 23:41 UK time and a Zimbabwean sugar mummy is my visitor. I’ve known her for a few months but never really had the desire nor the courage to make a move on her..but tonight, i’m a different animal. She’s in my house a.k.a my home ground a.k.a my territory, so i’m definitely going to move in for the kill. She’s just gone to the toilet and sex is on the cards tonight. Somehow all her conversations are leading to sex and she keeps looking at me ‘up and down’ in a sexual way…plus she’s sitting zvingori reckless with her legs wide open. Just before she left for the toilet, she told me she was “last touched by a man 8 yrs ago”. I asked her why she waited that long and she mentioned something about having her heart broken so she kinda “hated men” bla bla bla.. I plan to change that tonight. I like them when they haven’t had dick in ages..they tend to get really wild in bed and cum easily.. She’s also big..and as you know, big girls get horny and wet really easily.. Ha ha ha.

The mood is definitely sexual and she appears way too comfortable to leave any time soon.. She mentioned that she wasn’t going to work tomorrow so i think that was her way of telling me she wasn’t going anywhere.. I’m definitely going to have a busy night..

Oh, she also complained about having a sore back and even said “i badly need a massage”.. Oh dear, why do they do test me?

She’s coming back.. I will definitely update you guys..




Sugar Mummy at my house NOW.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Mummy at my house NOW.

  1. zvakanaka chose zvinodzidzisa zvikuru asi kuzotipa ma black and white kana yave video yacho Hapana chinonyadzisa apa uye hapana zvisingazivikinwe.



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