Publisher: Svirorist!

“Sugar ka, I have no idea what to say. Nhasi, I came home early from work  and there, mu lounge,  was my wife of four years, naked, on top of a guy, his dick in her pussy, and ANOTHER guy’s dick in her ass. Both were fucking the shit out of her!!! They shook her like a leaf, Sugar! Mhata dzake dzakanga dzichirohwa-rohwa really hard and she seemed to enjoy it. I’ve suggested spanking before but she told me kuti that will never happen because it’d be plain disrespect to her saka I was shocked…and at the same time excited..seeing her on the receiving end of constant spanking.  Each time they spanked her butt, she’d shriek so loud and start trembling meaning kuti she was cumming. Apa, the guy who was on top of her was pulling her hair and properly ramming his massive dick deep in her. He was doing ma long strokes and then plunging it back in balls deep. She’d then scream “harder harder harder” before breaking into a loud scream.

In all our four years, I have never heard her scream and cum so much . The look on her face, Sugar ka, heish.. I have never seen her like this . Maziso ake were all rolling, muromo wake wakavhurika, mate achichururuka and it was as if anga achitaura in tongues nekunakirwa.

At one point when the guys stopped to pause for a moment, she started rocking herself to orgasm achiita kunge asvikirwa ndokutanga kutunda. Apo, I just couldn’t stop myself from watching. I was so confused but fucking horny at the same time.  I ended up whipping out my own dick out and started stroking it zvine vigour as I watched the whole thing. I was so turned on and before you know it, I came all over myself. Eish, dunno what i should do next. I’ll tell you the whole stororo next time when i have time”..



He Watched His Wife Get Fucked

6 thoughts on “He Watched His Wife Get Fucked

    • Only you can answer that question my friend. Why dont you enjoy it? Do you find it disgusting? Does it make you want to throw up? If you want to start enjoying it then you have to learn to appreciate the act



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