All images by Juan Stevens

The way his hand grips her shoulder as she arches her back and he presses himself deeper…thrusting his manhood into her..
– his face buried down her neck…
– with his other hand wrapped around her neck..
– whispering into her ear “I love you so much”..
– her orgasm is near..
– gosh it feels good..
– her pussy throbs, she loses rhythm, starts breathing heavily..
– he grinds it into her, slow, deep and hard..and he massages her g-spot with his thick cock.
– she’s mumbles, “baby, I’m about to cum”..
– he replies, “I want it all over me”..
– he pushes it deeper..hold on tighter..
– she erupts, screams and pulls the bed linen..
– her butt tightens and she splashes her warm cum all over his dick..
– some escape and starts trickling down her clit and onto her belly
– it feels so good for him so he pulls out..
– he starts massaging her butt and plays with her arsehole


– He hold her arms..
– tells her she’s his forever..
– rocks her to more orgasms..





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