*Stororo: Part 2: Sugar Mummy Teaches SDD A Lesson!

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!

……..She stood up and told me to lie on the bed, face down. I did likewise. She then took her clothes off and sat on top of me. She started massaging my butt and back. It felt amazing. It was almost slow motion..the way it should be done..I loved it. It was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep……
 that’s the last line from part

She then sat on my back and started  rocking back and forth and at the same time grinding her pussy into me.  I had my arms spread wide apart holding onto the edges of the mattress. She was grinding real hard into my back to such an extent that I was sinking into the mattress. I kept moaning each time she did that and that was turning her on. I could feel her pussy’s warmth, softness and wetness and I remember saying to myself “nhasi ndichabvarura beche rake”. Ai!  I was so horny and turned on. I almost felt like I was falling in love…I didn’t know foreplay could be this good!  I know I always talk about my eyes rolling but I’m sure they were in the back of my forehead. It was that good!

– She squeezed my forehead,
– squeezed my shoulders,
– squeezed my biceps,
– pressed me down into the mattress,
– squeezed the back of my neck,
– rubbed my neck,
– kissed and nibbled on the back of my neck
– licked me everywhere.
– dug her fingers into my butt cheeks,
– squeezed my butt,

Gosh! It sounds normal and kinda rubbish to you reading this but trust me, in the right hands, you could even cum from that. Unenge usati wabatwa!

My dick was so hard and I was getting uncomfortable because it was pressed into the mattress. She gently turned me over and sat on my tummy..and started rocking back n forth on my six pack. I loved the way her soft, long labia just ran across my six pack. Finally, she kissed me and you only had to be there to see how wildly I kissed her. It was as if I wanted to eat her. Ndanga ndanzwa! And, I was making noises and pretty much going crazy. I felt like jamming my dick up in her pussy and start fucking. I wanted to touch her nipples but she quickly held my arms down, looked at me and told me to slow down. Her actual words were, “eish..relax, relax, relax..I’m not going anywhere..” My dick was throbbing and rock hard. This was torture for sure. She then slowly brought her pussy up to my face, ordered me to stick out my tongue and then sat on my face! You! 

I don’t know what had got into me but I started eating her pussy like crazy. I told her to put all her weight onto my face and when she did, I lost my mind. My tongue was all over her pussy..even her exhaust.. She slightly stood up and my head instantly followed her pussy with my tongue stuck out..She stood up some more and once again, my head automatically followed with my tongue still stuck out. I so badly wanted to eat her pussy. I was literally begging for it. I pulled her down and she landed back down onto my face.  I think she said something like, “right, you want to play rough nhai..let me show you”. She started fucking my face really fast and hard whilst holding onto my forehead. My God! This was driving me insane. Ndakanga ndavekupengeswa nebeche! She fucked my face really hard and fast from forehead, cheeks right down to chin. I loved it.

She jumped off my face, stood up and then started squirting all over my dick. Man, it was intense. You should have heard her noises.You’d have thought somebody was being murdered. Her mouth and eyes were wide open and she was going “arrrrrrghhh” and shaking violently. Her whole body was shaking. She sprayed every last drop right on my dick & balls and then collapsed onto my chest with her pussy resting on my dick. I thought, THIS IS IT! I have to put it in. I grabbed my dick, spanked her wet pussy, spread her butt cheeks wide apart and slowly slid it into her slippery farting pussy. It wasn’t tight or anything but the way it slid in was just so so sexy and it felt amazing. As it slid in , we both went ‘aaaaaaaaahhh’ and we started kissing rather pretty much licking each other’s tongue. She rode me zviri slow and gentle..and sensual

***********************IS PART 3 NECESSARY??************************

Sugar Dick Dupree



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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