For The Ladies


– you get to his house.. Let’s call him Sugar..
– he’s in the shower..
– Sugar tells you “come and keep me company, ndabva kupinda.. sit on the toilet seat.”
– you get in and your eyes instantaneously start checking out his ‘god like body’ through the semi see through shower glass..
– he starts talking about how you make him happy..and how much he loves you..and how he so wished you’d be his..
– you keep quiet…because you have a man back just laugh it off..
– but deep down, you have a thing for Sugar..and sorta wished something would happen between you two.. You want him to say more..
– he keeps talking and in your heart, you know your boyfriend, Tendai, isn’t your type..
the constant arguing, his protruding belly, the bad sex, the, its all too much to take in.. You have pretty much lost all interest in him..
– Sugar keeps talking and is telling you what you have always wanted to hear from a guy..
– he then tells you, “I’d swim the ocean just to be with you”..
– Wow..simple words.. yeah.. but when was the last time your rubbish excuse of a boyfriend  Tonderai ever said anything to you?
– Sugar keeps quiet for a bit and then starts stroking his big dick..
– he looks up to the ceiling, moans and starts pinching his nipples..
– you don’t know what to do. Do you get up and do something or do you just sit there on the toilet seat and pretend nothing is happening? This is all too new..
– he keeps stroking his big dick..
– he does it faster and the SLOSH SLOSH sounds his dick is making in the water are driving you wild..
– your legs automatically spread open..and you can feel your pussy getting wet..
– you know you want some dick..
– he starts moaning even louder calling your name..
– gosh, you lose it. You are really confused now..and at the same getting seriously turned on..
– you have to make a decision..
– he slides open the shower door, faces the wall and is giving his back to you. You have full view of his tight muscular smooth butt..
– Eish!
– his dark dick looks delicious and he looks fucking sexy with water running down his muscular body.
– you can’t stop imagining how his massive balls would feel when they slap against your pussy and ass..
– you want to feel that dark dick stretch your pussy walls..
– you start licking your lips..
– you unbutton your blouse and start pinching your nipples..
– he calls out your name, and you answer “Huh?”.. He doesn’t respond..
– you say to yourself, “to hell with Tonderai, ndezvako izvo.. I’m going in. I’m gonna join Sugar in the shower nhasi”..
– you quickly remove your clothes and slowly walk to the shower..
– you get to the door, pretend to be “concerned” and ask him why he called out your name..yeah you don’t know what he’s doing.
– he turns around and Icho! his juicy dark dick greets’s fully erect in its full glory, with water trickling down his massive balls.. Damn, you know you want it!!
– You tell yourself kuti, “Iyi ndiyo inonzi mboro manje not zvaana Tonderai”.
– your pussy starts pulsating. you can’t wait. you just have to have it..
– you reach out to touch it and damn the thing feels good in your hands. Its also quite hot and the veins are out on full display..
– your sorta step back, admire his dark body..that six-pack..that chest..those broad shoulders..those massive hands..the sexy lips, that dick..Ai mhani..
– you don’t know whether to go down on your knees to start sucking that beefy dick or to see what he’ll do next..
– you  look at him and the only words that come out of your mouth are “please fuck me..Im going back to someone who hasn’t got such a package saka please fuck me. I’m yours nhasi wese”…

click on image..

– he holds your hand, gently pulls you inside the cubicle, lifts one of your legs up and slides in two warm fingers up your pussy..eish!

click on image
Shower 1

– his other finger instantly starts massaging your exhaust..
– gosh, it feels good! Too good!
– You moan..and he sticks his tongue in your mouth and gives you one heck of a kiss..
– your hand goes down to his dick and start rubbing your clit with it’s massive head..
– you all start breathing fast and kiss like crazy..

click on image
Shebeen Blog Ass Errywhere #5

– he pins you against the wall, grabs his big dick and guides it into your pussy..
– you can feel your pussy stretch. Its sore but you don’t care. You want it to be sore.. You want him to keep pushing..
– you grab his muscular butt with both your hands, and pull him into you so that you can feel every inch going in…………

damn, cheating never felt so good………….

So wrong but yet so right….



Sugar Dick Dupree!

4 thoughts on “SO WRONG BUT YET SO RIGHT

  1. my gosh why cudnt i b in her place i wud love u any and evryday u ask of me i b ur submissive u n my sir. dear mr dupreeeee u r god gift to women the man we all want cuz sum like u are already grabbed up. i love it n u lol

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