Right, so you’ve been married for years and sex isn’t what it used to be. All the spark is burning away. Thing just aren’t the same any more. You tried all positions to spice things up nothing seems to be working.

You no longer fuck, you have sex…her pussy has turned into a vagina and your dick has turned into a penis

If this is you, your sex life isn’t dead but vultures are circling..if you know what I mean

So, what should you do?

Enter Cde Robert Gabriel Sugar Dick Dupree!

This is what you should do nhasi, tomorrow or whenever..

– book a room at a lovely lodge or hotel.. Harare (or wherever you are) is filled with nice lodges..
– don’t book at those shitty lodges or two star hotels..
– call her and tell her to meet you at a lodge at a certain time..lets say 2pm.
– Tell her to arrive on time..and that she should wait for you in the suite that you booked..
– 2pm, she’s at the lodge waiting for you..
– Iwe delay things, don’t arrive on time..arrive 10 to 20 minutes late..
– make sure you are all fresh, looking smart and smelling nice..
– get to the suite at 2:30pm
– go straight to the room..
– when you get there, don’t even greet her..
DON’T talk to her!!
– I repeat DON’T TALK TO HER..
– get in the suite, close the door and instantly start removing your clothes..
– walk up to her and start squeezing her breasts..
– she’s most likely going to give you that ‘whats going on look’ but you’d have made your intentions known..
– unbutton the first few buttons on her blouse..
– don’t remove any of her clothes..just unbuttoning chete..
– kiss her hard as you do this.. use your  tongues please..lol
– grab her butt, squeeze her breasts, lick her lips, nibble on her neck, kiss her all over..Just do things to turn her on…
– be kinda rough..
– pull her towards you and stick your tongue down her throat and then turn around to face the other way so you can lift up her skirt and start spanking her..
– whilst she’s giving you her back, spank her butt and pussy with your dick..
– lift her up and place her on the bed..do it kinda rough-ish.. rather, place her on the bed without care..
– make her lie on her back..
– fully unbutton her blouse and undo her bra..don’t remove them completely..
– lie on top of her and lick her from lips to pussy..

click on image..

– hold her by her ankles and spread open her legs..
– push them back to her shoulders and stick your tongue into her pussy..
– lick everywhere..in the walls, all over the pussy, her clit, her exhaust..
– spank her clit..not too hard but not too gentle..
– start stroking your dick hard and fast as you do it..
– spank the pussy and exhaust with your dick..
– drive your dick into her pussy.. make sure she’s wet before you do this..
– start fucking her missionary position..
– bang her pussy..fuck the shit out of her and say all sorts of nasty things..
– call her names..
– fuck her like it’s your last time..

click on image…

frozen chicken

– flip her over..its time for doggy..
-pull her hair and start fucking her..
– say all sorts of stuff you have never said before
– be rough..
– shake her like a leaf..
– do not forget to spank her butt..
– play with her exhaust..
– grab her waist and ‘crash’ into her..
– pull her hair..
– just do everything ‘without care’..

click on image..
sdd rough

–  flip her back into missionary once more..
– stuff your dick back into her pussy..
– fuck her hard and fast..
– grab her hair once more..
– squeeze her breasts..
– do anything you want..
– put both her legs to one side (so you are fucking her whilst she’s lying on her side)..
– bang her fast like that whilst holding her waist down..
– now put them on the other side..
– be in complete control of the situation..
– do not even tell her kuti “let’s change position”.. YOU flip her over.. toss her about..

– then when you are about to explode..
– spread her legs wide open
– then explode all over her titties or pussy..
click on image..
sdd finish

 After that, quietly get up, clean up yourself and then get out…




Sugar Dick Dupree!



6 thoughts on “SPICING THINGS UP

  1. Iam so wet,I can’t help myself…..now I’ll start searching for a Shona girl hope can satisfy my sexual needs💕♥💕✅



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