The Sugar Daddy Diaries 3

by Adina


Sugar daddy diaries

This one was a scorcher smouldering sexy with overtones of glamour and flamboyance .He had chocolate brown skin that glistened in the dark.
He was the textbook proverbial version of an exciting sexy gorgeous successful man…..from the way he talked .the way he walked ,his mannerisms ,gestures and little quirks one could smell good breeding Nhamo angaakanaka imi kunge anodyiwa. Pant yangu yabva yatota.

I met him on a Friday afternoon and we bombed Sam Levy Village shopping as if there was no tomorrow we then spent the night in Meikles Hotel Harare in the Club Room ..Specifically designed for business travellers, on the 11th floor of the North Wing….this was the epitome of heaven .The room was decorated to a high standard with a tropical African theme .It had earthy colours_ mahogany and a hint of affluence with an exquisite golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling


The room had a lovely aroma of vanilla and on the table was a bunch of roses and a card with my name …“Adina _for the sexy legs” ..dAMN…I melted …..wel I think any lady would …!show me any woman who doesn’t love compliments and I will show you a liar .

We snacked on salmon cakes and spicy pistachio nuts …as we overlooked the Africa Unity Square with Jacarandas in bloom which added to the romantic theme… This man had specialized in the art of romance well I had been with men of substance this man was of romantic substance …

We talked for a few minutes, and then he sorta leaned forward and kissed me. this came as a complete surprise adding to the thrill…As I eagerly returned his kiss, he pulled me closer, and I melted in his arms. His kisses set my body on fire, and when I felt his lips on my neck, my nipples instantly got hard. Sensing my excitement, he slipped his hands under my blouse and bra, and ran his hands over my bare tits. My breathing began to quicken as he took hold of my nipples and began rolling them gently between his thumbs and index fingers, while his lips continued to move ever so slowly down my throat.

He continued rolling my now rock hard nipples between his finger tips, and when his warm lips reached my chest, my whole body started to quiver. Suddenly I was moaning loudly, I was on fire …feeling both pleasure and pain rush through me, as he began to pinch and pull roughly on my nipples and when a moan of pleasure escaped from my mouth, he freed my tits from my bra, and quickly sucked my now swollen nipple into his mouth. As he sucked and gently bit my nipple, I guided his hand to the hot sticky wetness between my legs. He ran a finger between my pussy lips and feeling my wetness oozing through the fabric of my thong, he slipped his hand into my thong and stroked my clitoris, directly touching my pussy. Pushing me down on my back, he moved his hand to my pussy and slid his finger deep inside of me, slowly fucking my hungry pussy with first one, then two, and then three fingers.

Feeling the pleasure build, I closed my eyes and bit my lip to keep from screaming again. He pumped his fingers in and out of my pussy until he felt the wetness dripping from my pussy for a second time, then he lowered his head between my legs and began gently licking and kissing the inside of my thighs. When I arched my back and pushed my pelvis forward, he stopped and pulled off my thong. Then lowering his head back between my legs, he moved his lips closer to my throbbing pussy while his tongue moved ever so slowly along the very edges of my labia. Soon his tongue was softly licking my clit, then my pussy lips and when I cried out in pleasure, he buried his head between my legs and pushed his tongue deep into my pussy. With his tongue.
reaching way up inside me, I suddenly lost all control.

My clit seemed to burst into flames, and as my climax peaked and rushed through me, I was screaming out and pleading for his cock. As soon as my body quit shaking, I stripped naked and waited for him to undress. When he took off his boxers, my eyes opened wide as I stared at his cock. As he moved towards me, he told me to suck his cock. But before I had to say anything, I felt him place his hands on my head and guide me towards his hard cock. As soon as the tip of his cock touched my lips, I opened my mouth and he moved his hips forward and slipped his cock between my lips, stuffing as much of it as he could fit into my mouth. When the head of his cock touched the back of my throat, he stopped for a moment, and then very slowly started to withdraw it. As soon as the head of his cock touched my lips, again he stopped and then pushed forward, filling my mouth with cock and pushing it down my throat once again.

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