Don’t play her Dad


To the niggas….

You are in love with this dishy chick
She is sexy oozes charm ,,sex appeal and classy …please love her but you not in any way her cash machine aka mudyiwa…

If she loves you take her out now and again spoil her if you can afford it
But if you are a broke ass student don’t do what you can’t afford
If she does not love you she will still go and leave you bankrupt and miserable all the more for your stupidity .
Love is never bought
Love has no price tag …

If she tunes you that if you can’t provide for her, she will leave you… nigga , let the bitch go to her not her daddy .Dont play daddy …

If she makes you feel bad and less of a man because you are not ready for sex……let her be, being sexually active does not determine your manhood…

Just as a young lady has a right to refuse sex, you my dear also has a right to want to wait… does not make you any less of a man..

Just as no man has a right to hit/slap a lady… lady has a right to lay her hand on you in an abusive manner.

You are not responsible for her rent, school fees, hairdo, indian remy 100% hair or nails or whatever else it is she needs….this is why she has a mommy and a daddy……
And yes she has hands to work
Let her use them if need be .

If her mommy and daddy cannot meet her expenses, then she needs a part time job……while she goes to school, if she is not in school, then a full time job!

There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving your girl….gifts, even money if she desperately needs it..that is if you can afford it .but my brother….you are not in anyway responsible for her upkeep…..if she demands, my dear….tell her to get a job….or go to hell .

You must not spend all your hard earned money on a girl… need to start thinking about your future…believe me she is definitely thinking about hers..and there is no guarantee her future plans include you .

I know that society has put a strain on your back and made you believe that just because she is your girl…you must kill yourself and steal to please her….fuck NO! You may love but take your brain along…with you .

Look you can spoil her on one no ~~~actually two conditions
You are loaded and can afford it
Or she plays mum to you …she does your laundry ,,cooks for you and cleans up for you then gives you TLC like a true mum
If she won’t or can’t be your mum don’t c no reason you should be her dad …

Real niggas in Zata Street here in Mbare aren’t buying shit but are laying ass like it’s going out of fashion
Brotherly advice …best things in life are free…

Ladies….I love y’all, but the shit I see on the net regarding….my boyfriend does not give me this or that ,,,,is shocking ….he is your boyfriend….not ur Dad….

Lets be fair….if you had a son tomorrow…do you wish on him what you do to this young men regarding…..gimme gimme gimme?

Girls get real
Work for your needs .
Boys are not cash machines …

Yours sincerely



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