Ladies, sometimes when you are chilling with your man, slowly slide your hands into his pants and whip out his cock and start playing with it. By playing with it, I don’t mean suck it. Aiwa. Just be nice to it..

– Explore his dick..
– hold it by its base so you can enjoy looking at its entire length..
– Caress it..
– spank his thighs/pubic area/six pack  with it (if its long)..
– gently cub his balls..
– massage his dick..
– rub it.. 
– play around with the head..
– give it long strokes..
– when you stroking it, gently stroke it in such a way yekuti his foreskin is pulled down uchi exposer the head..
– squeeze his dick to feel it’s juicy-ness in your hands..
– squeeze the pre-cum out of it and rub it all over the head..
– talk to his dick..
– Love his dick…




Dicks Need Love Too

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