Kana wadiwa Dika


Don’t Ignore Him
Usaite chibharanzi your date needs your undivided attention.
Don’t text other people, answer phone calls, or join up with people you run into while you’re out. Dates are supposed to be one on one time. Pay attention to the person you’re with.

Don’t Date While Drunk
Nothing good will come of this. At all.you might not remember how the date went .or u might end on the stage doing a stupid dance .
Usadhakwe ruff…-nuff said .

Don’t be late.
Kunonoka chibharanzi ..
Waiting for someone who is always late is enough to drive even the most laid back person insane. Be where you say you will be when you say you will be there!its a black thing but purleeeez!

Don’t Be Clingy
Usanamatire kunge chikwekwe.
You can each lead your own separate lives. It’s actually good for your relationship!A man is actually attracted to a woman who has a life and women with lives are confident ……..get a life.
Don’t suffocate your partner.

Don’t Rush It
Don’t phone every twenty minutes.
Don’t go to his house unannounced
Don’t play wife prematurely .
If you love and respect someone, you have to wait until they are ready to do something, too. If they aren’t ready to say I love you, don’t ask why 100 times. If they’re not ready to have sex, don’t threaten to leave. If they aren’t ready to talk about marriage, don’t force it .

Don’t pretend to love or take them for granted

Act like a lover does love them
Don’t stand them up
Deceive them lie to them or about them
Diwa ugodika.

Drop the Baby Act or Talk
Nobody wants to date a toddler! If you love someone, say you love them. You don’t wuv them!or if sorry don’t say sowi…
And if you love someone and you are Zimbabwean drop the fake American accent .Speak in rurimi rwamai chizezuru ..chishona …nothing embarrasses me more than broken English or shonglish. If you gonna speak In English make it clean eloquent English .Don’t pretend to be what you not .

Don’t Complain About Them
If you have a problem with the person you are dating you need to be respectful and talk to them about the problem. Talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend behind their back is a huge no no!Do not gossip to their relatives or friends about it .

No Cheating
This is a given, but keep in mind there are certain instances where just texting with other people can be seen as or mistaken for cheating. Set boundaries for your relationship by talking about it before it happens.no sexting chatting etc its cheating FULSTOP!
My Space
….nuff said …….
Kuhura hachisi chihardy unofa neAids
Well yeah not really yu know what I mean….

Be Nice to Their Family and Friends
What would you think if someone made fun of your mom or best friend? This will very quickly end your relationship.
Mai vemunhu havasekwe or kutukwa.

Not working …If It Ends, End It
Don’t try to work it out a thousand times. .Don’t get on -off ten times if its over its over.Exes are history …

Sugar Dick Dupree
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