Chihure KumaAvenues


Based on a true story

“”…..And inini nditori nani panewe ~uneyi hako unosvirirwa mahara …..inini ndinocharger five dollars for head ….five dollars for hand job … twenty dollars short time and fifty dollars all nite.Axana Beche rinoda sipo yekugezesa nemafuta ekuzora kumeso kuti ndikechwe if u think this job is beneath you tiratidzei ka zvamaita ..Nekufunda kwenyu.
“Who do you think will want you usina kugeza nekuchena if you continue being United Nations uchidonater hako Beche at random ..?
If it were not for my clothes hanti matinji ako angadai akudyiwa neshiri uchifamba ??manje am tired of being Red Crosss …now look little sister it’s one pussy for itself and God for us all .
From today Munhu wese ane Beche achadya nekupfeka chegongo rake .”

Well in brief that was my orientation to a life of prostituition from my elder sister Jestina . Tina we called her she had escaped a life of poverty from the village and had not disappointed she had done really well in her career as a prostitute she could now boast to have Ministers and CEO’s as part of her clientele .She had bought a two bedroomed flat in Avondale and from the way it was furnished one would think she had a regular executive job.I could never blame her she had done more than enough for the whole family …Over the years.

I had completed my A levels the previous year got twelve points but with the Economic downturn I could not find a job and noone could pay for my University fees .
I had a boyfriend who was studying Law at Zimbabwe University and so he could not help either.

Fast forward to tonight I am in the skimpiest dress ever and this man in a sleek Range rover picks me up .
Axanaka ndatove apprentice hure …my heart nearly jumps out of my skin I am so scared for my life HIV etc but what can I do ??

He is young, tall, and very dark and wearing a doo- rag on his head. We make small talk and i gather he is Nigerian .My light brown skin looks even lighter next to him.My dress is a very sexy revealing corset dress that barely covers my thighs and he looks me up and down as if approvingly . In the room He quickly undresses, first taking off his shirt, unzips his pants and takes them off. Now he shows me his big black cock, it is sticking straight out with thick veins and Gawd …..!!its big I can’t wait to lay my hands on his cock. Askana zimboro iri rakakura and rakasviba black mamba chaiyo .I start massaging it, pulling it …it gets even longer than it already was. He pushes me away and makes me lie on my back telling me to get my ass on the bed.

He gently pulls my thong out of my ass, sliding it down my legs.caressing me as he does that ..This turns me on big style .He turns me around and shoves my face on his cock and tells me to suck on his big black mboro. I open my mouth and he wastes no time in pushing it in ..sending it to the back of my throat … I’ve never had anything never mind … big …in my mouth before. With my hands wrapped around his long thick shaft I move zimboro rake in and out of my mouth, trying to engulf it in its entirety. He then tells me to sit on his face while sucking zimboro rake I move my pussy over his mouth and feel his wet tongue slither into my pussy. His tongue starts fucking my pussy and my clit starts throbbing with excitement .
I had never had this done to me before .
This was heaven .

The faster I suck zimboro rake the further he sticks his tongue in my pussy. By now I have cum and I feel my hips moving up and down faster and faster while he now sticks his fingers along with his tongue mubeche rangu. I feel myself wanting and needing more and tell him I need more than just to taste his cock. I want it in my pussy fucking me. He asks me if I like the taste of his cock?I tell him I do but I want more.
I increase suction pamboro yake and he starts to moan and grunt …
Ndakabva ndatunda futi……

I keep sucking when he suddenly pushes me off him and makes me lie on my back so he can sit on my pussy. He asks me if I’m ready to get the best fuck I have ever had. Before I could say anything he shoves his big black cock in my wet pussy. Beche rangu rinobvunda …He pushes it back until I take all of it. Then he pulls out and shoves it back again. I am groaning. He continues to fuck me harder and harder. He pulls out again and turns me over so I’m on top of him. He shoves his cock back in and we start fucking again. He reaches his hand around me and starts to spank me. As he is smacking me on my ass he asks me if I like his big black cock being shoved in to my wet pussy. I moan and groan approvingly and he pulls out and shoves it back again. I cum again. He continues pulling it out and shoving it back in faster and harder. He tells me to sit up and ride his cock and tells me to shove my ass against his cock harder and harder. At this point I can hardly breathe…am just moaning uncontrollably …. I have come so many times I’ve lost count. He pulls his cock back out and shoves it into my mouth and I suck his cock again.ummmh…!

Then suddenly, he pulls out and pulls me over to the side of the bed. My ass is laying at the edge of the bed. He is standing next to the bed and spreads my legs apart, puts my legs on his shoulders and shoves zimboro rake back into my wet pussy.
The massive cock pounds me until he cums inside me. He pulls out and i can feel uronyo uchiyerera nekumhata ,I lay there content beche rangu rakazvimbirira nekunakirwa…… exhausted from the whole session the massive cock that has just fucked me, having enjoyed the best fuck of my life.

Then He says…” I want you to stop what you doing ..I want you to be the mother of my children ….I want you for life ”

………..The End

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  1. ndakuvara nekuda mhata. anoda kudyiwa beche my # is 0771684585. any age plz contact m ndisvire & u wont regret it. if it is money-is availablle



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