Fifty Shades of Ebony!


by Adina

Yes be the true ebony man you are man her and let her scream your name ride her until her pussy trembles at your sight You have this woman she is yours own her … paunaye muratidze kuti you are the main man .Mude….mutundire mukanwa pamazamu …pamusana have no boundaries with her …fuck her boobs fuck …her thighs …fuck her pussy …ass …mouth ..let your dick explore her body ……
Keep in shape don’t give that pussy a chance to know spare dick …,
Ndaasvirwe ndaakwirwe …own her
She should know that you don’t mess up with pussy and she will respect you.
Vakadzi love bad boys coz those niggas don’t dance around pussy they know exactly what to do with it and they make no mistakes whilst the good dudes are unsure of what they are doing or achisvira kunge vari kubata panorwadza or panopisa… those niggas whip it out and punish that cunt with it until it is running like a river…and bruised..!

Women like being able to surrender. The modern girl is a multi tasker, and it can be difficult for her to juggle time for sexual energy and sexual thoughts. Even when she is having sex, she might be thinking of a seminar or a board. Meeting . You need to do her so that she forgets about the office eat that cunt like you mean it …drink it’s juices….Picture Anne in Fifty Shades of Grey. The heroine of the story is quite sexually uneducated and uninitiated , but her dominant lover, owns her and rides her like a true stallion….!

For about 80%, of women the idea of being swept away by an experienced, dominant lover who knows exactly where to touch her and exactly what turns her on can be very exciting and enticing .
Women like experienced men we have been schooled to believe that all men know exactly what to do in the bedroom …exactly where to touch and exactly how to bring us to orgasm…
Novices never appeal …varume vanoziva zvavari vanonakidza ndati isu anaAdina ndovedu I get put off by any softly softly Mr Nice Guy .heee what else do you want me to do ..,,,or where else do you want me to touch you ???
Nxa !!…Stupid …..I want you to direct me lead me ….confuse me not ask me silly questions …!!yes later I may direct you but first confuse me with what’s you got.

The innocent virginal girl image still rules even now long after civilization we still live in a society that frowns upon women who enjoy sex. We shame women for being “whores” and “sluts” when they are open with their sexuality. Again, BDSM …..bondage /discipline /submission and masochism… can help take away that shame and fear. If he is in charge and “making” her do all those taboo things, then she just gets swept away without having to take any responsibility. She still is a nice girl — just a nice girl with a very naughty sex life.

Women thrive on fantasy.While men are visual , women tend to rely on their brains. They crave stories, romance, erotica, and fantasy. Remember when we used to read mills and boon romance?? Also, it is important to remember that just because you like reading about BDSM, it doesn’t mean that you actually want to try it. Fantasy can be simply that: fantasy.picture handcuffs being tied up …and fucked senseless,,,
Or being spanked in a moment of passion ???? Wow ….!

Most women fantasise about a man who owns her just grabs her and brutally sexes her until she cums and cums and cums just like the women in mills and Boon romance.
I have my own fantasy where I always dream about a rough character either a street kid or a village boy straight from Bushu just ….just taking me with all that roughness and tripping me and ripping my knickers off without foreplay ondisvira kusvika ndatunda katen or ndafenda….
Or a man straight from jail after 10years who is starved of women taking me in doggy mboro yongonzi bvooo!
Maiwe zvangu Ini Adina….ndoda one bandit …..~~~lol

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