The brother is well hung.. imagine his big cock sliding in and out of you slowly..wakatota…..


– Get naked and sneak up to him..
– Hug him from behind..
– slide both your hands underneath his t-shirt..
– start rubbing both nipples and pinching them..
– remove his t-shirt..
– kiss his neck and start licking his back..
– slide your hands into his pants..
– dive straight for the balls and start massaging them..
– say sweet nothings to him..massage his ego..
– tell him how much he means to you..
– then start stroking his dick..
– make him face you and start kissing him..
– stop kissing him..look in his eyes…and start licking your way down to his dick…


S Dot Dupree

One thought on “PICTURE OF THE DAY: For The Ladies

  1. Your post is useful that I understand about what races have the biggest penis size. I think Black guys are the ones who have the longest penis. However, it is different in how tall a man is. Some tall guys have short penis while short guys have long penis. Anyway, the penis size is not everything to get a woman satisfied. It is also about the girth as well. So, I think size does matter to some women.



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