For some reason, women think kuti when a guy masturbates, all he thinks of is a pussy with long labia. Well, you are right in your wrongness. Actually, you are SORT of right but it’s just not pussy we think of. We are very imaginative, you know. A mere picture of a dripping wet pussy will get me horny but it won’t do much more.

This is what really goes on in my mind and I’m sure this is the case with all the other guys out there..

– I just don’t think of pussy..
– I think of numerous chicks..ex girlfriends, friend’s girlfriend,girlfriend’s friends, next door neighbour, someone’s aunt, past maids etc etc..all of them..They are all in the mix.. But somehow, the current girlfriend never features..
– the sex is always unprotected..That is number one!
– and NO, I don’t look at myself in the mirror..
– they are all super horny, they all want to get fucked and they want me badly.. They almost want to fight over my dick…and I tell them, “Ladies, chill out. Parker ma steady..there is enough dick for everyone”
– they cannot wait to get  my dick..
– oh, did I mention that it’s the biggest and best dick they have ever seen..
– they are rubbing their pussies wildly..
– they are kissing me everywhere..sucking my dick and doing all sorts of things..
– by the way, there’s usually never any foreplay..
– we start fucking and they are all screaming with pleasure.. they want more and i fuck them even harder..
– the looks on their faces as I fuck them is priceless (looks are always important)..
– a porn movie is playing in the background..
– they are cumming all over me and I’m jumping from pussy to pussy..
– man! its an orgy..

and before you know, I’m exploding all over the place…

So, yeah.. that’s pretty much what goes on in my mind.. I guess women tend to think about someone they love or really like etc etc. Its more mental with them whereas with us guys, it’s more physical..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

SDD Stroking mboro

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