So, let me quickly try to talk about the risks of anal sex.. We call it the exhaust here on Shebeen Blog.

So just what is anal sex, Your Majesty Dr Dupree ??

exhaust 1

Looks cool hanti..the images…so sexy but yet so deadly.

click on image

Anal sex is any type of sexual activity that involves the anal area (bottom). This includes:

  • penetrating the anus with a penis
  • penetrating the anus with fingers or sex toys, such as vibrators
  • Oral sex (stimulating the anus using the mouth or tongue, also known as rimming). This involves a high risk of infection.Image with dick in her ass.. that’s a big clit by the way. In Zim that’s what they call “ka beanz”
    sdd anal resized

    What are the main risks of anal sex, Mr Dupree?

    Penetrative anal sex has a higher risk of spreading STIs than many other types of sexual activity. Since the exhaust doesn’t produce natural lubrication like the vagina does, anal sex risks tearing the rectal walls or the sphincter  (a ring-like muscle that controls the opening or closing of the anus). This is because the lining of the anus is thin and can easily be damaged, which makes it more vulnerable to infection.

    Always use condoms to help protect you against STIs when you have penetrative anal sex.

    You can contract many diseases via the exhaust.

    Use a water-based lubricant, which is available from pharmacies.

    When having anal sex, we need to use lubricant specifically for anal sex because our anus is not intended for sex, but for some reasons it can be considered as part of our preferences Oil based anal lubes is the best for this.

    Other Oil-based lubricants (such as lotion and moisturiser) can cause latex condoms to break or fail.

    Sex toys and anal sex .

    Some couples like to use sex aids for insertion into the anus.

    Sex toys must be kept clean and washed carefully between use. You just don’t use it and then stuff it back in mu drawer or under the bed.No, wash them please. Condoms may be placed over sex aids as an additional precaution.

    One additional risk from the use of sex aids in anal sex is that of losing the aid into the exhaust. My gosh, that would be a disaster because you will need a doctor to remove it. Who will do it for you in our lovely Zimbabwe? He he de! The situation will only get worse if it is neglected and the object may break or become more difficult to recover. As they say, “unosura chando”..

    You should only use a sex toy which is designed for the anus. Butt plugs and anal vibrators have a broad base, which makes it difficult to ‘lose’ them inside the exhaust.

    Vaginal vibrators are not designed in this way, and can easily slip inside and buzz their way up the colon. Some have been recovered by surgeons from far inside the abdomen…zvasvika ku moyo..

    click on image below..she has a dildo in her exhaust…
    Anal SDD

    How to try to keep anal intercourse safe..

    Ensure the anal area is clean and the bowel is empty. This is important. If the bowel is empty, there is no risk of the partner passing faeces. Porn stars use an enema An enema is, by definition, the injection of liquid through the anus to motivate evacuation a.k.a kuburitsa dhodhi.. Its pretty much a liquid treatment most commonly used to help relieve severe constipation.. Check the image below.. You insert that green nozzle up in your exhaust and then you squeeze the bottle in order to squirt out the liquid into your exhaust.. It’s a nasty process..

    Gentleness, care, adequate lubrication and anal relaxation are required. The insertive partner must be gentle with any thrusting, so as to give the receiving partner time to allow the sphincter to relax. With time and practice, this may become easier.

    Pain and bleeding can also occur when there’s a small tear in the lining of the anus called an anal fissure ( anal fissure is a tear or ulcer (open sore) that develops in the lining of the anal canal). Even small fissures can be pretty painful because they often cause spasms of the opening of the anus. Zvinorwadza! They heal slowly because they’re irritated repeatedly during bowel movements. With anal fissures, you may also see blood on toilet paper or on the stool itself. Im sure you have seen some blood on your tissue before..

    I, Sugar Dick Dupree, have never had anal sex. Why? I don’t know.




    Papi Dupree

8 thoughts on “ANAL SEX!

  1. In having anal sex, we need to use lubricant specifically for anal sex because our anus is not intended for sex, but for some reasons it can be considered as part of our routine. Oil based lubes is the best for this.


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  3. Vagina everyday can really get monotonous & so its great to embrace anal. Of course follow precautions, but don’t shy away from anal because old cultural taboos. In other cultures, anal is even used for effective birth control. And because the hole is tighter, women who have birthed like to use the anus to provide their men with a tighter hole once in a while. It keeps the men from straying looking for tighter, younger pussies. So my friends, men and women, stop stigmatizing and fearing the ass. Practice good anal and soon both man & woman will be enjoying the bliss of the second hole. Vajay-jay day-a-day is utilizing only 50% of our sexuality. Pamberi ne anal 🙂


  4. The xzosot sex nice u need to teach your partner nice and ezzy til she get used she would love it more since its more tight she feels the whole of your Shafit better than in the pussy



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