The Adventures Of S Dot Dupree. Live From Birmingham, UK.

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So, today, Yours Truly Dupree The Great is at a high school reunion party (the 2nd one this yr) in Birmingham, UK,  and I’m just chilling out with my high school friends. It’s just a small gathering. Its really strange seeing everyone all grown up. Everybody has either became ugly, gained weight or is married. Pretty much all the girls are married and some even have FOUR kids!!!

I’m on the BBQ stand (braai), doing the meat and catching up on old stories with a few guys. One of them is a frenemy (a frenemy is someone who is more of an enemy than a friend). This dude never really liked me back in school and ALWAYS tried to ridicule me at every given opportunity.  I am really tempted to name him but I know #AdinaShebeen will just edit out the name. Let’s call him “Tinashe”. Whenever I say anything, he seems to have an opinion on the issue..or he either laughs out loud and says, “unorwara” (you’re screwed up..mentally). I can sense it in him that he still has issues with me. One of the other guys has even pulled me to the side and asked if we have beef.  I just never understood why he dislikes me. Perhaps it’s because I was a cutie in high school and pretty much every girl had a thang for me. To make matters worse, all the girls he liked, liked me.Oh, his first high school girlfriend was my ex!!! The one he dated after her had a mega crush on me!! Maybe, that’s what he did not like about me.

He’s divorced with kids.. but today he brought along his mixed race girlfriend (a.k.a mukaradhi…or coloured as they are known in Southern Africa)..She’s Zimbabwean. She’s been eyeing me ever since I arrived here and has been sorta following me. I bumped into her in the kitchen a few times and she even called me “a sexy beast“. At one point, she said, “you are the sexiest guy alive”.. This is surely asking for trouble? She’s quite chubby and very pretty.  Honestly speaking, I keep asking myself how she ended up with this fool.

BUT that’s just part of the story. We’ve run out of drinks so Tinashe and some other dude have gone to get some beer from the corner shop..and he left his woman with me…and this is very careless, too careless. Careless behaviour cannot go unpunished! I have to teach Tinashe a lesson…and I am going to do it via his girlfriend’s pussy. I know some of you will say “this is wrong” butI think we can agree that it’s about time someone does something. I am sick and tired of him and something needs to be done.

I finished BBQing some meat and then took it to the kitchen. When i got in there, she was alone and standing by the sink washing some plates, so I closed the kicthen door and I playfully whacked her butt with a kitchen towel. She instantly dropped what she was doing, snatched the towel out of my hands, wiped her hands, grabbed me by my collar,  pulled me close to her face and then gave me one heck of a kiss!!!! She then said something like, “I wanna see you later tonight..”, pushed me away and then returned to washing the dishes..

I just stood there confused, wondering what to do next. I think I opened the fridge door and sorta looked in there for  something..dunno what it was but I just opened it. I guess there were too many things going on in my mind. Before I could act, someone opened the door…and in walked Tinashe. DAMN!!!

That happened just a few minutes ago..and I’m writing all this in my car .. I am definitely getting her pussy tonight and I will post pictures of the session..

Yours Truly



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