Today’s position of the day is the COW GIRL POSITION … though this one illustrated in the images below ends with a twist. I think they end up fucking in a position called The Brute Position.. I’m not so sure anymore.

LADIES,  if you want some close lovey dovey time, this position is perfect. This position puts you in control of the pace, motion and depth of penetration. You are literally in charge of your own pleasure..rather..you are in charge of your own orgasm..  Most girls tend to tire quickly in this position because they’ll be doing pretty much ALL the work. They tend to get on top, sit on the dick,wiggle a bit and then say, “Eish,let’s change, I’m tired”..If you easily get tired, then this isn’t the one for you, ladies.


– Do not bend your knees too much because you won’t be able to move as fast, but this position allows you to feel tighter to him and cause a little more friction if needed.
– Avoid thrusting too forcefully, or you could bend his penis, which can result in a serious injury.

So, what turns guys on about this position Mr Dupree?

– Well, everything..I’ll get to see her in all her full-frontal glory which is a major turn-on..
– I love seeing her facial expressions..
– The sight of her breasts bouncing all over the place is sexy..
– She should also talk nasty to me..
–  I love seeing her working out and grinding my dick in her..
– It feels so good when she bounces up and down slamming onto my dick..
– Her butt is within easy reach so I can either squeeze it, rub it, spank it, spread it wide apart to expose the exhaust..or even play with her exhaust.
– Her lips are within easy reach..since I love kissing..

In the image below, he is teasing her exhaust. He’s not touching it but he’s dangerously close to it..

sdd 1

Try to grind on him as hard as possible. There will be pressure on your clitoris, which will help you reach an orgasm faster.  Or tell him to play with your clit.. Check image below to see how to properly grind him.

sdd 2

In the image below, she’s really grinding it in. He should be grabbing her butt or rubbing her back..or hugging her really tight.. Always make sure your hands are working on your woman in this position, it adds some much needed ‘passion’ to the whole thing.

sdd 3

To make things more interesting, (GENTS) this is what you should do..
– you see the image above, the girl has got one of her legs (her left leg) on top of his thigh, right?
– Now, if that were you, you must spread your legs wide apart and then make sure both her legs are inside you. Does that make sense?  It should be like missionary position with your legs on the outside and her legs inside.. Are we still together here?? lol
CHECK IMAGE BELOW to see what I’m trying to get at..


the girl is still on top and he has his legs up in the air..
It’s an interesting position. Most people don’t really do this for some reason..I guess guys just aren’t comfortable with having to raise their legs up in the air like the guy in the above image, particularly African guys. Even if they did this in their bedrooms, they certainly wouldn’t tell their friends for fear of being ridiculed. This is one position our uncles certainly never talked about..

The above image isn’t as clear so click image below..

I don’t know what else to add. I think I’ve said enough.. so



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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