Bigger and Better ?!


Written by
Adina Shebeen
Svirorist Publishers

Uyu musikana uyu achandiuraya chete
Ndaifunga hangu Ndiri ndega how this had all started :-

……ipapo musikana Akabva ati dzvii mboro yangu Iyo yanga yati tande tande netsinga kumira kwakuiti mumukanwa make pfeee.Akada kudzipwa nezimusoro rayo rinenge mushroom ndokushingirira…Yakatanga kuyamwiwa … yakamwiwa nekusvisvinwa kunge sweet Iya chilollipop apa ndaingoyuwira mutezo wanga wachioma manje nekuzipirwa nyama dzaveparalyzed akatora machende hwani hwani achisvisvina
Zvinyoro nyoro zvinonyerekedza gotsi rangu rakaoma kuti papa-ta nekuterera mutakunanzva uyu …..iye akange ofemuruka nezemo ndakabata nyasin’eni wanike rwizi chairwo chakwata …

Akabva Aibata muruoko akanyatsovhura achipenengura matinji ake ndokuipfekera mubeche rake akaigarira mune iya inonzi cowgirl kwakutanga kuikoirira akatsinzinira maziso achichemerera ini kwakumubata muchiuno chake ndokutanga kuterera beche ndichirova beche pore pore ndiri pasi -po mwana ndakamusvira kusvika ndanzwa hutsi hwakubuda …akugwinha gwinha .

Ndakachimuvatisa manhede kwakuiita missionary iya ekuti ini padenga iye pazasi ndaiti ndikati iseyi musoro wega ndichigumira pamusoro ndopinza half ndoita a few strokes ….ndombotova tova pamusuo webeche nemusoro wayo …then ndoiti ndiii yese mukati ndichisvira zvinosvika kuchibereko… ndichidaro kusvikira iye andidhonza kuti ipinde yose.

Mwana anechikapa iyeye mboro yaiti ikanzi kurudyi ruboshwe yonzi mukati yomboita seinosvipiwa ichizomedziwa becheraiita kunge rine mavibrator kuita kunge parikupepetwa zviyo. Ndakachipomba nedivi kwakurova beche ndakanzwa kuvhuta kuti vhu vhu vhu iye kwakuchimonera maoko ake pamusana wangu ndokuwedzera speed paakangoti left ~right ~kuti centre ini tsaaaaaa kutunda apa ndakaita zvokukuma kunge bhuru redanga ndakaita kuodzvonyora uronyo ndokuti rabada kupunzikira pamusoro pake iye kwakuramba akanditsimbirira nemakumbo ake akati koire koirei ndokutunda zvakare. Tese takabva tangoti tasa nekuneta …!

Let me take you down memory lane …..

Whilst living in Johannesburg I worked shifts and used to catch the midnight bus to Kempton Park.One Friday I met this fine middle aged woman and she had the shortest pair of shorts I had ever seen such a large woman wearing …exposing the most perfect pair of chunky caramel legs and big thighs.
They fit her and she looked super sexy … mboro yangu kubva yamira kuti ngiiiI thought to myself, “I’d die to have her in my arms .” I promised myself I was gonna fuck her.Ndichamusvira chete.And by now you know when a nigga promises himself pussy he is not joking he gotta have that pussy no excuses…or shit happens !!!

I didn’t know if she was married or involved, asi I knew I wanted her. Wanted her more than any woman I
Had ever known…, something about her Drew me to her like a magnet …like a fly to faeces..But, most likely I would not see her again after today ….I dreamt about her and thought about her.
I could not get her out of my mind . I masturbated to her for days.

Three weeks later, while waiting for my bus, to go home from work, there was my angel ! ngirozi pfacha Hana yangu yakarova I walked over to her and said something like, “Merry Xmas”

Takataura nezveupenyu and current affairs until the bus arrived. I sat next to her . As the bus bounced along its way my leg sort of found it’s way onto her leg. …haana kuvhunduka .As we rode on I noticed she wasn’t moving her leg away mboro yangu yakaita dombo chairo kumira

She lived a street away from me it turned Then she surprised me by saying, “I have been eyeing you for months. You were on my radar …The first time I saw you, you were digging in your garden I thought what a homely young man .
I wanted you then .….

Damn, seems she had been watching me for ages.that means she wanted me too.
When we entered her house ,She poured some wine and brought it to the setee.Then she sat right next to me …

“When you spoke to me tonight, I almost fainted …”she said

I encircled my arms around her neck and we kissed ~~It sort of ~~just happened there was instant attraction. As we kissed, I marveled at how nice it was. Seems the kiss was addictive her lips were full pliable and soft the more we kissed, the more I loved it. My hands came up and I began rubbing her large right breast while her right hand went between my legs and began rubbing my already hard cock.

I pulled the blouse open and began fondling her large round breast and began to undress She also undressed. I stood before her naked with a raging hard on.
She only had her bra and large zadzadama panties. As she removed her bra, her large round breasts fell down onto her well rounded stomach.I hope my body doesn’t turn you off?” she said.

She stood before me, totally nude. My eyes drowned in the vision of her large, vivacious naked, pear shaped body. I couldn’t wait to feel her touch me ….
A moment ago I decided to have this woman, and without a struggle , here she was mine for the taking ripe and ready . Of course it helped that she had secretly wanted me too.As we climbed into bed I only had one question

7 years,” she answered.
Was the answer ...she last had sex seven years ago ..

I became super excited and possessive wanted her to myself and all for me Well, she was very large, very attractive really and older. Then she said after her divorce she hadn’t fancied any other man.
And that he had been the ONLY man she had ever been with. This made me even more excited. I was going to be a totally new experience to her .

Then I began kissing her body. I kissed her neck, her ears, her shoulders, and down to her large, plump breasts. I kissed and licked them and then my mouth found her large, hard nipples and I licked and sucked on them, making them grow even harder in my mouth. As I suckled her, my right hand rubbed her womanhood between her legs. She was already wet with excitement as my fingers entered her. I brought my wet fingers up and rubbed them on her nipples, then I began sucking and licking them again, enjoying the taste of her

I pressed my body up against her large, soft, warm body and my hands began roaming all over her. Tracing every mound and curve. I wanted to be able to call the memory back in the future.

I had to really taste her. I kissed my way over her fat stomach and down between her legs. She opened her legs, spreading her fat thighs for me. I moved down between her legs and I looked at her large, plump pussy lips. It was a beautiful plump mound. I kissed it over and over again… then I licked it… licked it and spread the lips with my tongue. I began lapping at her hungrily. She smelled and tasted wonderful down there. She bent her legs and opened wider for me. My face was fully buried in her. My hands reaching up around her legs and rubbing her breasts, her hands on my head and her fingers entwined in my long hair. I found her clit with my tongue and I licked and flicked it. Then again I lapped her with the flat of my tongue, tasting her passion juices.

I sucked on her for a very long time. I think it was the best pussy I’d ever feasted on. Then something happened that I’d never experienced… she was moaning and quivering, I felt her plump clit get harder and then as she let out a scream and her fingers clentched and pulled my hair, I felt her “squirt” onto my tongue. Her hot cum was spewing in spurts onto my thirsty tongue! I was so hard then, I could hardly stand it.

I began drinking in her cum. Gulping it down, not gagging at all. Enjoying every drop of her love nectar...Swallowing it all, not wanting to miss a drop, I licked her as clean as I could. When I rose, upright on my knees, she scrambled to her knees in front of me and took my stiff cock in her hand and began jacking me with her fat fingers. I tingled down my inner thighs from her touch upon me. Then she took me into her mouth. So warm and wet, her tongue working it’s magic on my burning cock.

As I watched her there in the dark, I wanted her again between my legs, such a large body… I had no idea how wonderful being with this old big woman would be. You certainly can not judge a book by it’s cover. Her fingers went to work on my hairy balls as she continued pleasuring me with her magical mouth. I thought, “Wow! I had been with many women, but believe me when I say, “Other men have no idea what they were missing not having “known” this woman.”Every thing about her was ripe and ready and luscious .

I reluctantly pulled away from her mouth and had her lay on her back… I then climbed on her and finding her wet hole, I shoved my riggid cock inside of her.

She was so hungry for cock and I was so hungry to give it to her. She felt fantastic! She pulled her short fat legs up and in the air as I pumped her again and again. I then erected my upper body and took hold of her ankles and held her legs as I rammed myself inside of her. Watching my cock move in and out of her glorious pussy. Then I heard myself, “Oh, God I love fucking you! Oh, sweetie!”

Then my thighs shook violently as the excitement built and I groaned as I shot my hot, thick cum inside of her, the head of my cock burning red hot!we collapsed together in a heap…!

Ten years later and I can’t get my hands off her…

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