MEN & lies

by Adina

Most -Men lie all the time …??not some of the time .
How many times have you caught your man lying through his teeth trying to make red green .
Go ahead and think of the number of times in your head….shocking isn’t it ?

Do you want to know why men eventually lie?

Little boys and immature men lie for their ego
“Hee Ndine purazi”
Or “baba vangu ndiObama …”.we not giving those sick jokes space here we mean real adult lies ..

The “I will marry you ..”..
type of lie
When all he wants is your cookie …
“I’m not married
yet you met him in OK buying pampers..and he always buys kids clothes ….,..??
are you listening ??? To yourself ???

1.Men lie because women don’t listen or women simply don’t want to know the truth. ( lemme explain when you meet him with pampers why don’t you start listening?
Or is it you would rather not know?

2.They don’t want to hurt your feelings. And if you’ve shown yourself to be a girl who gets upset and dramatic when he tells you the truth, you’re essentially training him to say what you want to hear to keep the peace.

3.At best, it’s sugarcoating or avoiding a volatile subject. At worst, it’s a straight up lie to avoid drama and waterworks.Weak? Cowardly? Sure, but men live in the mindset of wins and losses, victories and defeats.

They want to impress you and/or they don’t feel like “enough” without lying or putting up a front. For a guy to be honest with you, he has to be secure enough in himself to know that you’ll still want him if he’s honest with you.

5 –serial liar this one lies about anything and it’s pathetic (don’t know why you would stick around this person)…anyway ..! This type of man can’t tell the truth he never learnt the art of honest conversation..

Women never listen !!
Well, I know that probably makes your blood boil right now because you think that you listen very well. And the fact of the matter is you do…but do you ?

When you’re in a relationship with a man, you don’t listen at don’t listen to the clues the subtle hints and the loud hints…if you meet him with pampers then that’s a hint listen
If he only comes at night and never takes you to his house ….listen to what that says …..?if he wears a ring listen
His phone is always on silent what’s that screaming to you ?

I remember telling a woman I was dating that I was just from an abusive relationship and was not ready for any relationship From the get go, I said this. I even repeated it regularly for clarity.
Then one day I said, “Hey, I really need some space right now.”

She acted surprised threw a tantrum… And I reminded her that I had been pretty open since the beginning.

She just didn’t want to listen.

Well she must have thought
“I want him and I’m gonna give him love and pussy so good so much that he will fall in love with me .”

No, as men, we really do tell you exactly what we want and who we are.

If we tell you we want to see our mother every Sunday that’s the truth..

We don’t want you kissing us and holding us in an embrace asking us when we’re going to take you out to dinner that night, when we’ve already told you we want to see our mother .
And yes a grown man can be attached to their mother.

Ladies, you’ve got to understand, men tell you exactly what they want and who they are. You just don’t listen. So eventually they have to start lying to you in order to get you to listen.

You’ve got to understand, we’re not as complicated as you are.

As a man, we speak in very short sentences. We recap things very, very quickly. And we have a lot of trouble really understanding the way you think also.

Because I don’t expect you to think like a man. I don’t expect you to act like a man. I admire what you are as a woman.

And as a man, we just want you to hear us. So the next time a man tells you something, listen. Listen really carefully to what he says.
If you want a further explanation of it, ask him to clarify it.

I’m on your side, ladies.
I want you to fully understand us. We say what we mean. So listen. You’re not going to change us. Only we can change us.

No matter how powerful or beautiful or seductive you might be, if a man tells you something like, “I don’t really think I can be in a relationship right now,” then just respect that.

If you respect that and you nurture that and you allow a man that space, then you might end up in a relationship with him. And you won’t be frustrated, upset, and delusional. You’ll actually become more pleasant.

I’ve found that women who give men space and really listen to them, are women that have long, amazing relationships.

Because all guys just want that cool woman who understands them and doesn’t try to change them or womanize them.

In Shona I hear there is a saying that says …” Murume asinganyepi haarore”
Literally translated means …if a man doesn’t lie he will not marry ..

So maybe lying is a necessary skill to men !

We don’t think like women we think like men ….

Think about it ..!

2 thoughts on “MEN & lies

  1. im 1 of those women who would rather have the truth thrown in my face than to know my man was lying to me. i love hard nd thats my problem coz of that i tend to deal with all crazy shit in the end … but men lie coz they cant handle being thruthful, u see a man who still wants the privelages of boyhood cant man up to stick with truth … oh no so then he hustles for cookie. i will never forget hearing my man saying to me during my cross questioning and mind games ‘im trying to think of what u wanna hear’ because he had ran out of things to say nd was quiet… ive never gotten over a relationship faster than that. im no angel i jus want wat i want nomatter how it comes. so men should know there are women like me who can handle all truth


    • Now then Glory dear it’s easier to say you can handle the truth but but …..won’t yu start crying ?
      Won’t yu start throwing a tantrum ?
      That’s what scares men the drama after the truth z said ….
      If u can take it like a man then create an environment that z conducive for the truth……make him believe in telling u the truth….but convince him u can handle it …



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