Stororo: Sugar Dick Dupree Teaches Young Upstart A Lesson


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!

Charlene Walking Into Lodge

Yeah, so that’s Charlene mu picture iyo. Charlene is my ex. Gosh, Charlene was a nightmare! She really did stress the shit out of me to such an extent yekuti I was forced to move out of Harare. We only dated for a few months but I ended up dumping her after she accused me of cheating.The accusations ranged from “I know you are secretly meeting up with Harare’s fattest sugar mummies in the middle of the night” to “organising sex parties for government officials” right down to “I know you are dating your aunt”.. It was ridiculous so I ended up dumping her.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

She started hounding me from that day.She’d call very early EVERY MORNING saying shit like “Good morning you satanist. I hope you pissed in your sheets last night. you will regret ever leaving me”.

Me being Sugar Dick Dupree The Great I thought kuti I could handle it but EISH!

I remember one time I bumped into her at Sam Levy’s Village. That day ka, I was dressed to kill ndaka parker ma steady and chatting up chicks. She came from nowhere and started shouting, “Sugar! You satanic low life! You thought you could hide forever?? Well, I caught you today! Your daughter is dying of hunger, we can’t even afford school fees but here you are, hanging around with your friends! If only they kuti YOU ARE RUBBISH IN BED!! Should I tell everybody about your small pee-pee?!”

My God!! I was embarrassed!!!!  To make matters worse, she didn’t even have kids let alone MY kid. She just used to say stuff just to ridicule me..

The other time I bumped into her kwa Mereki and that day ka, I really wanted the ground to just open up and swallow me. She relentlessly attacked me from what I was wearing right down to the shape my toes. I really can’t repeat all she said here because it might just damage Brand Dupree.

Then I thought enough was enough. I had to teach this young bitch a lesson. I wanted to teach her a lesson she’d never forget.

So, I turned on my killer charm and started chatting her up. I knew it’d be as easy as slicing butter with a hot knife because despite all the drama, she still had feelings for me and I was very aware of that. I mean, who wouldn’t want me? Ladies and gentlemen, I hit her with some of the best lyrics known to human beings..and boy, they worked like magic. I can’t tell you exactly what I said but heyi mhani, I deserve a Nobel Lyrics Prize. It was too good to be true. Within days, we were meeting up, kissing like crazy. She was my chick and I was her “boo”.
Then I told her kuti “baby, I so badly want to make love to you”. Without hesitation, akabva ati, “Sugar, you don’t need to ask, you can have me anytime you want. You are my boo”.. I smiled, gave her a kiss and said, “that’s why I love you”. Yeah right! I was lying. I was busy thinking, “you will learn..idiot”.

So, a day later or so, I called her up and told her kuti let’s meet up at a nearby lodge. Actually, I think it was the same day.. Ah, I don’t remember now. Who gives a fuck anyway? I didn’t want her to know where I lived hence meeting up at the lodge. Lodges are for sex by the way…if you didn’t know..

I arrived at the lodge 20 minutes ahead of her, got into the room and then got myself ready. I took off my clothes, rubbed some oils all over myself and put on ka crisp white half see through tights. I looked at myself in the mirror and My God, I looked sexy with a capital S! I knew I looked irresistible. My six pack was on full display, chest and dark nipples were all shiny apo the dick looked juicy and delicious. Eish, I was a sight mhani! I remember looking at myself and saying, “you, my man,are the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on”..and it IS true. I lowered my tights a little bit to reveal that ‘V shape’ yepa groin area AND the clean shaven pubic area. Damn, I am built!

I kept prancing around in front of the mirror, playing with my dick, making it hard and getting it ready for action.

There was a knock on the door and I knew kuti she had arrived. I had left the door unlocked so I said in my sexy voice, “pinda, sweetie”. I then dived on the bed and laid on top  with my hands behind my back..ndakaita kamwe ka sexy pause.

When she got in, she looked at me for a few seconds, instantly locked the door, kicked off her shoes and started removing her her clothes with speed. She was literally ripping off her clothes whilst coming towards me. When she got to me, she pretty much tore my tights off me. She then got on the bed, grabbed hold of my already erect dick and rubbed her pussy with it for a little bit. She sorta started to talk to me whilst she stroked it. I forgot exactly what she was saying but it was something along the lines of “I missed this big dick”. She spat on her fingers, rubbed the spit on my dick and her pussy, then without delay, she sat on it. It felt kinda sore as it went in but iye she didn’t stop. She kept pushing  down right until all of it sunk in into her pussy.


Her massive clit looked good as she rocked back and forth on my dick. Her pussy felt really warm. She started rocking faster and faster, holding onto the back of my head for support. The whole bed was moving, uku the headboard banging the walls and the mattress was going tsweekie tsweekie tsweekie.. Apo she was making really wild noises and violently cumming. Each time she came, she shook violently whilst giving me that sexy angry look on her face with her teeth tightly shut.

She then got up, went to where her clothes were and then pulled out ma pulling socks. She came back to the bed, sat on my face and started tying my hands to the headboard with the pulling socks.
click on image..

When she finished, she sat back on my dick facing the other way holding onto my ankles. She started slamming her ass on my dick zvekuti I was sinking into the bed. Her exhaust looked really clean and tight. I even remember saying to myself “well that is one clean exhaust”.. She was skinny but surprisingly had a massive ass! She really slammed me! I remember I was groaning each time her butt slammed on my dick.

She spun around on my dick to face me and started fucking me whilst pinching my nipples. Occasionally, she’d whip[ my dick out and squirt would gush out of her pussy..and then she’d sit back on it again and start rocking.

She fucked me hard for what seemed like ages. Most girls tend to quickly tire during cowgirl but not her. I suspect she was on drugs chete..

Her pussy was creaming all over my dick and then I said, “let’s change position”. She untied me and then laid on the bed in missionary position.
I then got some duct-tape, sat on her face with my exhaust right on her forehead and started tying her to the headboard with the duct tape. I taped her in such a way yekuti she was going nowhere. I made extra sure that there was no way she’d be able to free herself. When I finished, I held her ankles and pushed her legs right to her shoulders and started licking her pussy. I had my tongue stuck out and IN her pussy.

I got up, spanked her pussy with my dick, shoved it in and started fucking her. I pounded her hard and fast! My balls were slamming onto her exhaust and she was squirting all over me. She was shouting, “YES! YES! YES! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH” as I slammed the shit out of her. Drama aside, she has one of the best pussies I have ever come across and she is quite flexible..

click on image if it isn’t working
sdd pumping missionary

I started losing my rhythm and knew kuti I was about to cum. I kept fucking her and then when I was about to cum, I quickly pulled my dick out and splattered a load of cum all over her pussy. I literally made it rain on her pussy. Some of it flew onto her tummy and breasts. I then got up, quickly headed to the bathroom where I cleaned myself up. I came back and started putting on my clothes. She was still tied up and then she said, “oh..kay, you can untie me now”..

Charlene Tied Up

When she said that, I looked at her in disgust and replied, “Excuse me Charlene, are you crazy?! You think you’re clever?  You actually expect me to untie your? Fuck that. I’m going to leave you like that nhasi”. She just looked dumbfounded. I forgot whatelse she said but I remember saying, “Charlene, I swear down I will urinate on you if you keep chatting shit”!

She kept talking but I wasn’t listening. I took out my phone and started taking pictures of her  all tied up. I then got out of the room, slammed the door shut, out of the lodge, headed to my car and drove off to my house. I left her tied up like that. I haven’t seen her since and she hasn’t called me. I think she knew she had fucked with the wrong person.

Yaah, that goes for you too. Don’t fuck with #SugarDickDupree!



Sugar Dick Dupree

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