Happy New Year to everyone -particularly our fans-. We greatly appreciate your support. Over 160 000 of you visit the Shebeen Blog every month and, thanks to you, we’re on the brink of smashing the 1 MILLION HITS barrier..probably by mid January.

May your new year be filled with good health, harmony and prosperity.

Stay away from drugs, try to quit smoking and don’t drink too much. Your body is YOUR temple so you must jealously PROTECT it.

So Just What Do We Have In Mind For The Shebeen Blog In This New Year??

Well, fireworks..I (Sugar Dick Dupree) don’t plan to change my writing style but I guess I’ll add more nasty details in my stororos (stororo is slang for story by the way).

We’ll add more categories (sex toys etc, erotica)..

We will try by all means to post only animated images (the appropriate term is GIF).

* * *

There are only two admins on this blog, Adina Shebeen and I..

Adina is a mixed race Zimbabwean chick and Sugar is all chocolate.

Anyway, enjoy your night. Stay safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Well hi folks thanx to you and you and you for keeping it real for cumming without fail to read our crazy sexy thoughts
Well if we have bombarded you with bullshit and hogwash well we hope to continue in 2014 ..
We wish to deliver profanity so vile and dirty so much that you will have erections that will just burst on their own and cum flows from your trousers
Our aim is bring so many erections to you ### wink wink
I know some of you get hard from reading some of the stories here which is the desired effect …lol
To the girls we want to get you so horny and the pussy sooo wet the tits tingly the clit erect …so much that u service those lovely studs who treat u right ..
And if alone rub that bean understand your body what gets you off and what doesn’t …

Happy New Year !!!


Happy New Year

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