Penis size …obsession.

Size matters to a man …oh yes it does…
To the average man, whether he’s straight or gay, his penis is, consciously or unconsciously, one of the most important things in the whole world. At an early age he discovers it befriends it and immediately becomes fascinated by it.

But then a note of uncertainty enters his mind: ‘Isn’t mine rather small?’ Look at Dad’s, look at big brother’s, look at those in the men’s changing room – and he asks himself if he will ever be as big as that.

And so he goes on through life, always a tiny bit sensitive about the size of his organ, always convinced that it would be nicer if it were just that little bit longer.Wondering if he will ever make a woman scream and see stars.

He wakes up one morning during puberty and it greets him with a boner and a man’s dreams are complete …He watches it grow to maturation always wishing it would be longer….and harder….
He discovers masturbation and him and his dick play games away from the world .the bond is sealed
He meets his first woman and it rises to the occasion and heyy! He feels like a real man life is good .

This is the time every man will claim
I am a fucking machine
However natural progression takes over and …As he gets older erections are not so regular and not so hard and he gets depressed takes and drinks anything that promises harder erections ..,.or longer staying power he even goes to the gym just to improve stamina .This is the number one reason for middle aged men joining the gym .
Most men actually go to the gym to improve their sexual power.

It may be important to note a man would rather have an erection than riches if he has to choose one or the other.An African man will actually declare that he is no longer a man if he can’t get it up .
Manhood is judged by having that pumping power…hard lasting erection.

And most researches done in the world are about men’s sexual health and erections..the lack of them or how to get harder erections or more erections or to cure erectile dysfunction…

To a woman is size really Important ?

This is no clear cut yes or no and it’s debatable from many angles …….one way to put it simply is a woman will look away if you are small down there but make an effort …finger power and oral power to give her loads of orgasms and loads of foreplay and then top it up by being a super boyfriend
Treat her like a queen ##don’t abuse her

Although many women find big penises visually stimulating, most admit that they wouldn’t like to have one inside them. So don’t feel insecure if your penis is below average; there are so many ways you can make up for it as a lover.

The truth about small penis size is interesting – and one that many men who find themselves in this position find hard to accept. That is, for most women, the size of a guy’s penis is well down the list of things which are important to them in a relationship.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like an apologist for men who have smaller than average endowments, because I do know that many women like to look at men’s bodies, and they also like to see a penis which is visually stimulating because of its size. Many women even masturbate to big dicks .Sure! We all have a natural curiosity like this. But maybe the point which men miss here is that this is no different to men finding large booty attractive – and there are only a very few men for whom this would be a determining factor in whether or not they had a relationship with the woman concerned! This logic is even more true for women, whose values of a potential partner include factors such as loyalty, honesty, reliability, commitment, strength and compassion. Though women like to look at bodies, they aren’t that important a factor in deciding whether or not to form a relationship.

Penis size is not an issue from my personal experience and my researches it’s not a factor for enjoyment or orgasm ..or satisfaction it does not make a woman complete …a wonderful caring relationship does .

All men would really win accolades and prizes in the bedroom department if they perfected the art of romance and foreplay.A fuck is a fuck but a wonderful relationship is for life .
Sex to the woman begins in the mind she is halfway to orgasm if you fuck her mind and caress her senses.
“Tell her she is pretty ”
Tell her she has the best eyes
Tell her you love her body and boobs and heyy look in her eyes and smile .
Kiss her bring her breakfast in bed and surprise her with little gifts now and again ….your penis size will be the least of her worries…

No matter how often it’s written that penile size doesn’t matter, and that women aren’t attracted to a man because of the length of his organ, many males continues to think the same way.

Whilst some women may genuinely prefer a big sex organ it does not add value to the overal relationship.

The average female cannot understand this obsession with penile measurement. So if you’re a woman, never belittle a man’s penis in bed, even as a joke, or say anything to indicate that you think it’s small. The guy may take you seriously, and if he does, he’ll be deeply hurt.
It does not end there ???!
He will lose all confidence and start performing below par or may fail to perform altogether…..

penis size matters more to a man than a woman …

One thought on “Penis size …obsession.

  1. .i gather from some of yo stories abt, matinji, chikapa, mboro size, a woman is in control. She is able to climax by performing gud chikapa and also a man ejaculates whether he likes it or not, its not possible to hold back huronyo if chikapa is perfomed excellently guys.! This is from experience.

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