The Adventures Of Sugar Dick Dupree: Part 1

Sugar Dick fucks Two Mixed Race Zimbabwean Chicks..


– I had Tarisai on her knees..
– completely naked..
– I was holding the back of her head and one of her cheeks..
– she had one hand on the base of my dark cock and the other playing with her pussy..
– the tip of my dick was in her mouth.
– she was looking into my eyes..
– I was slowly fucking her mouth..and she was dribbling all over..
– spit is good when it comes to blow jobs.. it makes everything a little bit more slippery and lovely..
– Her phone was blazing was the boyfriend calling her..
– she let my dick fall out of her mouth, followed by a trail of spit and started slapping her face with it.. Pre-cum flying all over the place..
– she pressed my dick against my six pack, so she could view my massive balls which were hung low in their full glory..
– and then she started sniffing them…her nostrils firmly pressed against them… and it was clear kuti the scent was turning her on.
– she looked at me, sorta smiled and then buried her face in my massive balls, rubbing her face all over them.
– I then spread my legs apart a little bit so that she could have full access..and she pushed her face further, stuck her tongue out and licked my exhaust..
– aaaah, so wrong but yet so right. It felt ticklish, great and sorta ’empowering’..
– my eyes rolled, I looked up to the ceiling and let out a groan.. I was super horny..
– standing behind me was her friend, Precious…
– she had her hands all over me, pressing her breasts against my back and pinching my nipples.. She was super turned on and kept nibbling, licking and kissing my shoulders..
– Precious held my hand and directed it to her wet pussy. I instantly shoved two fingers in her pussy.. It was warm, drenched and my fingers easily slid in.
– Precious couldnt wait to get fucked and she kept whispering “I want you to fuck the shit out of me.. Do you hear me Sugar?”..
– with two fingers in her drenched pussy, she was breathing really heavily and cum was trickling down her thighs. She really was ready to be fucked..
– Tarisai then got up, sat on the edge of the couch, laid back with her legs spread wide apart.. She spread apart her pussy lips, looked at me and told me to stick it in her.
-Her pussy was really drenched and fat..  IT LOOKED GOOD!!! I really just wanted to dive for on the wet thing and start licking it. I LOVE eating pussy!
wet pussy SDD
– Precious, still standing behind me, grabbed my dick and started jacking it off.. She then pushed me towards Precious, guided my dick towards the entrance of Precious’s pussy.
– I grabbed my dick, spat on her clit to make it extra wet, squeezed some pre-cum onto her clit, slapped Tarisai’s clit with it, rubbed it all over her pussy and placed the tip right on the entrance of her pussy.. She held my dick and started rubbing it all over her pussy and sliding the dick of it in and out of her..
– when the tip of slid in, Precious pushed my bum and then laid on top of me and my dick simply sunk into Precious’s pussy..
sdd sliding it in
– Precious then sorta continued to push me down..maybe she wanted Tarisai to feel the whole thing..
– Tarisai cupped my cheeks with both her hands, stuck her tongue and told me to suck it..
– I pushed my dick as far up her pussy as I could…almost pushing her into the chair and her pussy started to fart..
– she dug her fingers into my butt, held me as tight as she could whilst pulling me..
– honestly speaking, I felt like i was about to explode in her. Her pussy was too good. I wasn’t fucking..I was making love, sensual love.
– I had my eyes closed and I could feel her warm pussy juices hit my dick head………..


Sugar Dick Dupree

Part two coming

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