I couldn’t find any vids of Africans engaged in this position. Its called the HELICOPTER POSITION.

So, what happens? What exactly is the Helicopter , Mr Dupree??

Well, check the image below for yourself…If its not working, click it.


Yup, that is the HELICOPTER POSITION in the above image. Looks like hard work, doesn’t it?

It is one of the most talked about sex positions at Baby Shower parties in Zimbabwe (well, thats where our women get tips) alongside the Frozen Chicken Position (missionary with her legs on your shoulder).

Personally, I haven’t tried this because it looks dangerous.Why? Because IT IS dangerous! Your dick could break easily and YES, dicks can break. I do not want that to happen to my dick .

I wouldn’t try it if I were you unless you go really, really slow.. But it looks pointless anyway..

Its not for me..therefore I have little knowledge about this..

Since I have nothing to talk about any more, bye…


Sugar Dick Dupree!!

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