The Adventures Of Sugar Dick Dupree: Part 2

Apologies for taking ages to finish this. I’ve been busy lately.. So here’s where I left off last time..  I might not even finish this so there’ll probably be a part three..

– I pushed my dick as far up her pussy as I could…almost pushing her into the chair and her pussy started to fart..
– she dug her fingers into my butt, held me as tight as she could whilst pulling me..
– honestly speaking, I felt like i was about to explode in her. Her pussy was too good. I wasn’t fucking..I was making love, sensual love.
– I had my eyes closed and I could feel her warm pussy juices hit my dick head………..

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!


– Precious then sat down on the couch with her legs wide open..
– she was in her own world and the horny look on her face was priceless. Her eyes were almost closed and her mouth open. She kept moaning as if a dick was in her pussy. You could tell that she needed a good fucking.
– she put her pants to the side, grabbed my hand and told me to stick my fingers in her drenched pussy..
– it looked sexy! I remember thinking, “I cant wait to eat that”.
– Honestly there isn’t a part of her pussy I wouldn’t lick.
– I stuck two fingers in her we pussy..took them out and licked them..Man! Her juices tasted good!!!
– I slid my fingers back in her pussy and within seconds, squirt trickled down her pussy to her exhaust..
– she then sat up and started kissing me wildly with my fingers still in her pussy..
click on image..
wet black pussy SDD

– Under me, Precious started screaming, “THAT’S MY SPOT!! THAT’S MY SPOT!!!
– Her moans made me really hard..
– I was doing slow and passionate long strokes.. I really wanted her to feel my big dick sliding in and out of her slippery pussy..
– she put her knees on her elbows and told me that she wanted to feel my balls slap her ass and that I should do it a bit harder.


– So I increased the pace and started to softly ‘pound’ her..
– I loved seeing her boobs bounce and shake each time I pounded her. Her dark nipples were erect and looked like huge bee-stings..
– I’d play with her massive clit whilst I fucked her. Each time I did that, violently shake and then explode. I lost count how many times she came..
– I increased the pace some more and started pounding her hard and fast..
– she took a cushion and started screaming into it.. I removed it because I wanted to see her face..and then she pulled me, placed her lips on my lips and pretty much screamed into my mouth..
– her pussy was so wet and slippery that my big dick slipped out a couple of times..Each time it slipped out, her eyes would roll and she’d  shake. She’d then grab it, rub it all over her pussy and then stick it back in her..

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– At this moment, Tarisai stood up and pulled me off Precious. Yep, she pulled me off Precious..
– I looked at Precious to see her reaction but her eyes were closed and she was already squeezing the life out of her tits and vigorously rubbing her pussy
– I stood up, she then held my hand, gave her back to me and told me that she wanted it doggy style..
– I pulled her close to me, started kissing on her neck and grabbing her boobs..
– I then got down on my knees to give her a quick lick..
– she bent down a bit, held the back of my head and pulled my head into her pussy..
– my nose was on her exhaust and tongue was in her pussy.. that’s standard…….
– I gave her one heck of a spit shine.. I licked everywhere and every wrinkle.
– I stood, spanked her pussy and slowly slid my dick in her..

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dripping wet pussy SDD

– Tarisai had one heck of a wet pussy. The thing was dripping. It was hot in there too and really juicy.
– As every inch of my dick sunk in her pussy, it made kissing and farting sounds..
– I could feel my nipples go hard..
– she grabbed my butt for support, I grabbed one boob and started playing with her clit with the other hand……………

I have to stop here for now…..

PART 3 coming…..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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