Girls -shoes and Sex


Girls love shoes?in bed ?

Are you female ?What’s Your Shoe Personality?Are u addicted to shoes ?
“Why do you need so many shoes?”
If you’ve ever been asked these questions by a guy this post z for you…

Born from a deep appreciation of shoes this post is dedicated to the average shoe addict .lol
I love shoes I love sandals I love boots I love heels …they make me feel sexy these are the many reasons i say thank God I have a vagina .The moment I put my heels on my sex appeal rises .
I ooze ounces of confidence and I think my booty gets bigger and I have this glad God made me step…
And wow the guys love the booty shaking
Dance …my ita seunonhonga moves..!

Coco Chanel. ..sums it up ….. (“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”)
And I agree…..ndinobvuma…!

Why are so many women addicted to shoes?

The explanations range from the practical to the therapeutic and to the absurd …

But, there’s also something more about shoes—when you’re feeling down and need a mood booster a great new pair of shoes often does the trick .

Reasons Why Men Love High Heels in the Bedroom…

If you are a freak like me to spice it up a bit dig out your highest pair of sexy stilettos and wear them while having sex! Why do men love high heels in the bedroom?

For some reason wearing stilettos during sex is guaranteed to turn most men on. I’m not just saying this, I have asked many men, and researched through many online forums, and the verdict is that most men have expressed an enthusiastic (drooling) response to the mention of high heels in bed.

Personally I quite like it if my man wears his tie to bed, so maybe it’s an attraction to formal-wear __with a sexy naughty intent.

1. The Fantasy

Whether you are half naked in the bedroom or suited up in the office, women in the highest heels get the most attention from guys. It may not always be the kind of attention we want, but it’s a fact. Men are turned on by a woman in heels well strutting right not bending over walking tall and high all leg showing ….

Why? Because it reminds him of his secret fantasies – Fucking his boss, a close-encounter with a high-class hooker. High heels connote erotic sex. It makes sense to wear them in the bedroom every once in a while or try them once in your lifetime .

2. Body Enhancing

When you wear your heels suddenly you are taller, you stand up straight with an air of confidence, your legs look longer, your chest is perkier and your bum sticks out and swings when you walk.

Heels naturally mold your body into the right shape to sexually attract a man, and the higher the better!A girl in heels owns the world you feel not only sexy but confident as well .

3. High Heels and Stockings

They go together! Why?

Because your man’s eyes will be directed from the sexy heels, up your curvy shins to your sexy thighs… and what’s hidden between your thighs? The “X” spot you want him to pay attention to! Think of it like a trail… leading your man to the treasure/pleasure zone…

4. The Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain

When a guy is turned on, it doesn’t hurt when you graze his back or thighs with your stiletto, it drives him wild! Why?

Because it contains connotations of S&M, so your guy’s brain is instantly programmed to be turned on by your stilettos as instruments of sexy pleasure/punishment when you tease and dig that heel into his muscles.

5. Feeling Sexy Equals Confidence

If you know you look good, then you will naturally exude confidence which essentially is what’s really turning him on!

High heels make you feel dressed up and feminine, they compliment your day-wear and evening outfits, so why wouldn’t they compliment your bedroom outfits? If you feel sexy, you are confident, which means he will see you as a sexy confident women.

Who wouldn’t want to take that sexy woman to bed?

6. The Visual Turn On Vs. Practicality

There is just something so sexy for both you and your partner to see a flash of your high heels during sex – whether your legs are waving about in the air above his head, or wrapped around his waist while he’s thrusting you up against the wall!

It’s that little bit of raunch you need to spice up the sex and make it seem a little bit more risque than usual.

Of course, wearing heels during the actual act of sex isn’t always practical. For example, if you are quite active during sex, changing positions regularly and moving about in bed, then your heels are just going to hinder you and possibly even poke someone’s eye out!

But if you wear heels you can easily kick off when you need to, then there’s no issue; just remember to kick them off to the side before you get acrobatic…

7. High Heels Can Make You Look a Bit Slutty

Yes, wearing high heels in bed may make you feel like a tarty little whore, but if you’re into it and so is he then who cares? Some older women may have their hang ups about wearing heels and feeling like they look a bit slutty, but if it turns you both on, then I say go for it.

Sex is all about having fun and connecting with your partner, and besides it’s just between you and a man you trust so there’s no need to feel insecure. It’s time to experiment!

8. Red Heels and Long Red Nails

Guys love this sort of thing because it’s sensual and erotic, especially watching and feeling your red nails and heels rake his chest or legs.

It provokes all sorts of erotic fantasies that adds spark to your sexual session. Red is exciting, and bringing it into the bedroom at some point is a must.

9. Half-Dressed Sex Is a Turn On

Having sex with your partner and not necessarily removing all of your clothes is hot .

Opening your blouse to reveal your bra and allowing one nipple out but not actually taking any clothing off is sexy because it feels rough and naughty…pulling your knickers to one side is sexy because your guy will want to look down, and he will see that you still have your high heels on too, which will turn him on.

10. High Heels and Mirrors

Wearing high heels in the bedroom is all about appealing to your man’s visual appreciation, so why not step it up a notch and introduce a full length mirror?

Then not only will your guy get the pleasure of having sex with you in heels, but he will also get the voyeuristic pleasure of watching you have sex in your heels in the mirror, which will give both of you a whole new level of enjoyment.




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