Sugar Dick Dupree Hacks Into Ex’s Email Account

So, Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree The Big Kahuna, regularly hacks into email accounts of ex partners. Yes, I have all their passwords and I log in to read their emails. Yeah, why not? So one time, I logged in all the accounts as usual and then stumbled upon this interesting email. It was an exchange between her and her cousin.

“So tell me..wat was Sugar like??? How did his dick feel like inside u? What did he do 2 u?? tell me!!!!! I want all the details details details plizzzz lol”..

this was her response

“His dick??? Geez.. It’s  just the perfect size..not too long and not too thick. Its just a delicious juicy dick.. It’s got a massive head, sorta like a wild mushroom, and he’s uncircumcised so you know all the sensitivity is still there..
SDD swinging dick
-The head on it’s own is handsome lol!! The dick has many veins and when it gets hard, it gets really, really hard! I’m already wet thinking about it.
– Oh before I forget, he’s got massive balls. I mean really black balls..
– How did it feel when?? OMG It felt FUCKING freaking awesome! I cant describe it.. It’s a feeling best described by moans and screams kikiki..
– it’s quite weighty and meaty..

– I loved the first part when his massive head pushed past my lips.
thick dick SDD

– When he first placed it on my pussy lips, I looked at it and thought “NO WAY, THAT’S NOT GONNA FIT”.. It looked FAT. He pushed it in and for a split second, it felt like it wasn’t going in and then suddenly, it slid in.My God!! Was it an amazing feeling? HELL YEAH!!  It’s like my body got shocked and I got a fullness feeling. It felt a lot like my inner core was being touched.. kikiki that doesn’t make sense but you need to fuck him to understand what I’m talking about.
– He plunged all of it in me until it was balls deep..
– speaking of balls, they slapped against my ass and clit throughout the night!!! 

–  When he started thrusting in an out, I almost lost my mind. I was seeing stars and I swear down I temporarily forgot who I was and what world I lived in. My whole body was shaking. It felt really warm, maybe even hot, smooth.. Ag, it was just beautiful!
-My pussy throbbed and throbbed and pulsated. I swear my ass even throbbed too. I was so wet and the way it moved inside me just drove me crazy!!!
– OH, At one point, he whipped it out of my pussy, stood  up right above me (we were in missionary) and started dangling his dick and swinging his balls all over my face..
– He then started stroking it hard and fast..with pre-cum dropping onto my face and tits *faints* lol..

– Iwe ka!!!! I rubbed all the pre-cum all over my face and boobs..and my fingers instantly found their way into my pussy lol. You said you wanted details so don’t accuse me of being nasty kikiki.
– I was begging him to fuck me..
– he got back down, put my legs together and then slid in his dick from the top!!!! So as he thrusted in me, his dick was  also hitting my clit!!! maiwe
– Chipo ka, I lost my mind.. and I came so much I didnt know what he was doing to me.. wave after wave!!

I’ll leave it here for now..”

Chipo (the cousin) is yet to respond. When she does, i will let you know what was said..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

One thought on “Sugar Dick Dupree Hacks Into Ex’s Email Account

  1. U r jus a tease so much u make any woman hv orgasms by reading ur sexcapades n its not tht its the way u execute it. Chck oyt my 1st post jus try a thing lol…



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