Dedicated to Munyaradzi’s girlfriend.. Based on actual events..sadly it wasn’t Munyaradzi’s woman.. but it WILL happen soon lol..


He treats you like rubbish, talks to you like he’s shouting at a dog and respects you like a door mat. You even said the sex was rubbish and he doesn’t even eat  your pussy. To make matters worse, you know he is cheating. Well, today, tell him your long distant cousins are visiting. Tell him you most likely won’t be available all weekend and your phone might even be switched off until mid week.

Then make your way to my house..Sugar Dick Dupree’s house..
– You know where the spare keys to my front door are..yes, under the big plant next to the front door..
– Get in my house and make yourself comfortable..
– Because sweetie, today, I want to make love to you..
– call me when you get there..



– I get to the house..
– As I unlock the door, you run to open it for me..
– Damn, you look so beautiful.. I don’t understand why you are with that fool who treats you like rubbish.. You look so sexy.  I definitely want to play.
– you smile, hug me and pull me inside the house
– You quickly close the door behind me, lock it and pin me to the wall..
– gosh, you smell nice!
– you kiss me hard, push your thigh in between my legs..
– I grab your waist and respond with my tongue down your throat..
– You stop, look at me..and then tell me I taste good..
– We continue  kissing..
– my dick is hard..
– you feel it pressed against your tummy..
– I squeeze your breasts looking into your eyes without saying anything..
– you start unbuttoning my shirt and start running your hands up and down my chest and six pack..
– You abruptly stop kissing me and take a step back..
– NO, please don’t stop. I’ve wanted you for so long and please don’t stop.. I need this to happen.
– you get completely naked whilst maintaining eye contact..
– you then kneel before me..and continue running your hands all over my body..
– nhasi zvangu..
– I am loving the eye contact..
– and your soft warm hands feel good on my chest..
– you pinch my nipples..
– I am so horny. Im mega turned on.
– I start breathing heavily and that turns you on..
– you start unzipping my trousers..
– the way you keep biting your lower lip in anticipation is so sexy..
– my dick has been trapped in my pants for so long..I need it freed..
– I tell you to just rip off my jeans but you dont listen..
– the longer you take to whip it out, the hornier I become..
– I can barely stand..
– finally, you unzip my jeans and my dick jumps out!

– you hold it and start stroking it slowly..
– eish, your hands feel good on my dick..
– you tell me the veins feel so good in your palms..
– you tell me you love it’s thickness..
– you tell me you love my big balls..
– you tell me it’s the biggest dick you have ever seen..
– you tell me you want to feel it deep inside you..
– you tell me you want long strokes..
– you tell me you want me to cum all over you..
– you tell me your pussy can’t wait..
– damn, you are stroking my ego..
– it’s driving me crazy..
I wish Munyaradzi was here to witness this. His duty would be to hold our pants and the candles. Somebody ought to show him how to treat AND fuck a woman..
– you continue stroking my dick whilst talking to me and telling me what you want done to your body..
– you put the tip of my big dick in your mouth and slowly start licking it..
– You ask me if I like that and I nod my head..

– you grab my balls and massage them whilst you suck my dick..
– gosh, it feels good.
– I can barely keep my eyes open..
– your tongue feels amazing on my sensitive dick head..


–  you increase the pace and throw your head back and forth on my dick..
– my big dick almost can’t fit in your mouth..
– you spank your cheeks with it..
– you spank your tongue with it..
– that PA PA PA sound always turns me on..
– now , I want you..
– I don’t think I can ever recall a time when my dick was this hard..
– You stand up and we start kissing hard..
– you jump on me and wrap your legs around me..still kissing..
– I turn around and place you on a table..
– I kiss you hard..
– I look into your eyes and then stick the tip of my finger into your mouth..
– I stop kissing you for a few seconds, look into your eyes, lick your lips and then, once kiss you hard once more..
-Damn, you make me horny..
– I am ready to fuck you..
– I am so ready to push my dick up in you as far as I can..
– You look down at my dick as I run it up and down your pussy..
– you look into my eyes and then beg me to slide it in you..
– Your pussy’s wetness feels good on my dick..
– My eyes roll back each time I run my dick head up and down your wet pussy..
– you tell me you want me to cum early..

– I slide it in and start fucking you..
– I build a steady and constant rhythm as I plunge it in and out of you..
– Your hands, pressed into my ass, drive me wild..
– Your body shakes, becomes tense, and then relaxes again.
– You grab my ass even tighter,  you pull me in you even harder  as you feel my dick sliding in and out of you..
– your fingers dig into my butt..damn,you are gonna make me cum..
– you tell me you are cumming and your body starts to shake uncontrollably..
– you kiss me hard..
– you pull me harder..
– I fuck faster..
– you start screaming with each thrust..
– you can feel it deep in you..
– your pussy has a firm grip on my shaft..
– I look at it and it’s WET!!!
– it’s making ‘kissing’ sounds and farting. Gosh, i love that shit!!
– my breathing turns you on..
– you spank my ass and I roar..
– that drives you even wilder..
– you do it again and I shout, “Im gonna cum”..
– you scream once more as you cum..
– I feel your warm cum hit my sensitive dick head feels good, too good!!
– too good you are gonna make me cum..
– I start to fuck faster, faster and faster..
– I fuck you silly and you are cumming all over the place..
– I lose my rhythm..
– I shout “oh shit..oh shit..SHIT SHIT SHIIIIT“..
– I whip it out of your wet pussy and then shoot a load on you..
– gosh, the cum literally shoots you..
– it shot out of my dick and landed all over your pussy, tummy, breasts, nipples and neck..
– you instantly kiss me as I continued to unload all over your pussy..
– every last drop..
– we kiss softly..
– you smile..I smile..
– I slide it back inside you, push it in deep and then carry you to the shower..
– Round two will be much, much different..



Sugar Dick Dupree!


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