Position Of The Day!

Position Of The Day..

I used to be very good with names of positions but over the years, I just forgot what most are called. I’m trying hard to remember what this one here is called. Let’s just call it the Sugar Dick Dupree Position. Sounds better that way, after all I invented most of these positions! I am an inventor, sweetie. You are in the presence of greatness.

Anyway, enough about me.

Check out this position. If the images aren’t working, click on them. If they still aren’t working after you’ve clicked on them, then get to a PC fast..

So, the SDD Position starts off as missionary..then the guy slowly manoeuvres into position. He pushes her legs inwards.. Hanti missionary is when her legs are spread wide open, right? Well, in the SDD Position, her legs should be on the inside
Shebeen Position Of The Day

At this point, the dick must ALWAYS remain buried in her pussy. Do NOT take it out. Nothing happens if you take it out but it just sorta ruins the experience. Try to kiss her whilst you are doing it and always maintain close body contact. Ladies, grab his butt or rub his back whilst he’s doing this move..

SDD Position Of The Day 2

Now, he is in position. That guy should really remove his T-shirt. His chest needs to be pressed against her breasts..not squashing her but skin to skin feels better…than skin to cotton..Tongue kissing is a must in this position..It feels better that way..

SDD Position Of The Day 3

Now he’s going for it. Talk nasty to her. Call her all sorts of names..if she’s into that shit. Breathe, grunt and moan a lot around her ear.. That always drives women wild. Our Zimbabwean women tend to enjoy getting their ears licked (Ive never tried that) so this is the perfect position to do it..

Ladies, take note…she’s holding onto his butt…so when your man does this too you, make use of your hands and hold onto his butt. If that was me there, I’d have ordered her to GRAB onto my butt. I want to feel her nails dug in my butt cheeks. My butt is sensitive (this applies to most men) .

SDD Position Of The Day 4

Now he’s pushing it deep in her. He wants her to feel it. Communication is always important. Ask her if she likes it, how she wants it, harder’faster or slower etc etc.

SDD Position Of The Day 5

GENTS, push it as far up her pussy as you can. Do long strokes and grind it in her deep, hard and slow. Build a steady rhythm.. If your woman has a sensitive clit then this is the ideal position.
She should ‘hug’ him and at least grab his thighs…not just lazily placing her hands there.

SDD Position Of The Day 6

LADIES, for even better friction, place your legs together not apart as in the image above. That way, you will feel everything.

This is one of my favourite positions. I usually end with this one. Everytime I do this, the woman goes wild.

I once fucked some chick in this position whilst her drunk boyfriend slept on the floor in the same. She squirted ALL over the place. We were at a party and flirting like crazy ALL DAY. He was busy drinking with his friends and then when the party finished, he was TOO DRUNK to remain awake let alone drive home. So, I offered to drive them to their house (she couldn’t drive) and drop them off. When we got there, we had to carry the drunkard as he was too zoinked out to even open his eyes let alone walk. We placed him on the bed and she gave me a hug to thank me..My hands instantly ran down her butt, lifted up her skirt, slid a finger in her pussy… and before you know it, I pushed him off the bed and fucked her silly!! Anyway, that’s another story for another day..

So, that’s the position you have to try..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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