My Love For The Dick

Just thought I should respond to Sugar’s post regarding him eating pussy..

shebeen blog 1

I have said it before on this blog that I, Adina Shebeen, only want two things on earth…food and a big dick!

I love fat long dicks because they’re more fun to play with. Girth is everything to me and I love a fat dick in my mouth.

NEVER ignore the head. One of the first things I do is wrap my lips around the head and suck on it before I make my way down the shaft. Spit is very important! I like to get real sloppy and nasty with it and make sure the dick is nice and properly wet when stroking it in my mouth.

Don’t ignore the balls.
Even though some guys are ticklish around that area(ugh I hate that cause I love sucking on the nut sack) give it a lick it two to see if he like it. If he does, suck on those balls like there’s no tomorrow. Suck on that ball sack bury your face it those balls sniffing, licking, and sucking while your hand is stroking his dick.

By now he’s is in paradise, his toes should be curling and his eyes should be rolling in the back of his head in pure ecstasy….IF you’re doing it right. I love hearing a man moan. I think it’s one of the sexiest things ever. One thing I sometimes don’t appreciate is for him to grab my head. I KNOW WHAT IM DOING. I DONT NEED NO GUIDANCE… but that rarely happens cause I am a pro lol!

Eye contact is very important too! I love looking up at him watching him enjoy and talk shit while I’m sucking his dick.

Then I love that moment when he grabs his dick, starts stroking it, slaps it on my face and lips that is such a turn on.

After that I usually take back control and slap his dick on my tongue getting a taste of that precum……

Now it’s time to go to work cause now it’s time to make him bust. This is when you do that stroking motion that includes using your hands and mouth…You know what I’m talking about. Guys love that especially when the dick is wet! Once he’s close you have to to choose where you want that nut to go. Usually I do whatever comes to mind….depending on the guy but if I don’t,  I like to stroke him and let him bust on his tits and then rub it all over me. Sometimes I love when he shoots and sometimes I like the ones that just ooze. Just depends on the mood.



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